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MC OldTown Holiday Update

By: Slyvannus (.Sly)

The new shop complete with massive snowmen
The snow is falling, the fire is crackling, the hot cocoa is steaming, and six thousand Santas are standing outside grocery stores driving you insane by ringing their bells incessantly for far longer than any human should have to. But just because you’re on a holiday break does not mean that OldTown is not going to keep working.
In fact, OldTown is working harder than ever to bring you the most memorable holiday since the time that you got six pairs of socks, an ugly sweater, and a new pair of pajamas. This holiday season, the server has improved the scoreboard, menu features, in-game chat, and the server hubs. Additionally, the server itself got an upgrade that has advanced its power from that of a potato to that of GLaDOS.

First of all, there is a fancy new scoreboard on the right side of the screen that lets the player know how many votes there are until the next vote party, player level, the amount of players online, the lag status of the server and how much money the player has. The first feature, how many votes until a vote party, is useful because vote parties are fun for everyone, and knowing that the server is only two votes away from a party means that people more people are likely to vote in order to get free goods. The next feature, player level, may seem a bit redundant, but the server chat often covers the xp bar, and it’s undeniably convenient to have everything in the same place. OldTown is a large server, and seeing how many people are online is a good way to gauge when it is best to come online. It is a lot more fun to play with 40 people than with six, and the scoreboard player count can can let you find out the best time to play without having to press and hold tab, which, like xp, is a convenient bonus. Sometimes lag is good,-- mining a block underneath oneself and falling into lava is a terrible thing, and lag can replace...
Hello guys, its BiG, and its been three years of OldTown! Thats awesome guys, we are one of the longest running minecraft communities in the world! Weve grown evolved and progressed so much and continue to do so, its great! So.. Lets start with a video showcasing the OldTown builds. :p

(Featuring OldTown Builds Video)
  1. ShopGUI - Basically using /shop - You will be able to purchase things without going to the shopping area.
  2. PVP Zone - Yes, the long awaited feature, which we had for a while before V5.0 is coming back, significantly better then before! With teams, leaderboards, op items, and "specials" you find out about.
  3. Buffs - Buffs will be special abilities you can turn on, like extra running speed, or a jump boost, Its like having a beacon effect without having one beside you.
  4. "A contest"? - Yes, we are hosting a book contest, TransparentFate, Chickensaysback, and GemmaFox will judge.
  5. More social media stuff coming @GemmaFox :)
  6. Spleef, TNT Run, and MinersDream parkour have arrived.
  7. Hub fixed up a bit.
  8. In honor of running for 3 years we would like to provide the community with a 25% off sale! It will last 3-10th, starting and ending at 12PM Pacific US Time.
  9. ChestShops have been updated to be more simple to use!

We plan to add many new awesome features this coming month, some on this list are coming within a week, some are already released, and some in beta! So join and have fun :D

Contest Info: Book Contest! | Old Town