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SERVER IP: play.AspiriaMc.com
Here at Aspiria, life can get hard as a staff member. We're always working hard to ensure the best possible community for our players, no matter when, where, or how. We certainly appreciate everything you do for us, like donating and telling your friends, but one of the staff members feels like something is missing from the equation... or someome.You know him as BiG, or Biggles, or Biggy, or BiGUNMAN, or maybe even Boss-Man. But here at Aspiria headquarters, we know him as man of passion, integrity, and high class. He spends his evenings working tirelessly to ensure that the players have the best possible experience, but what about the rest of the day? He enjoys rock climbing, traveling, and exotic tea sampling (yea, that's a thing). With a masters degree in biotechnology, he works to create some of the world's most cutting edge medical micro technology. Basically, he is the one who makes tiny robots that go into the bloodstream for advanced medical procedures.While his life is certainly filled with all kinds of fulfillment, he just hasn't found the right woman to spend it with. It isn't his fault, it's just that not every woman understands the complex inner workings of a man of such complexity. If you think that you, or maybe someone you know, might be interested in pursuing a relationship with one of the most intelligent and friendly men in the world, feel free to send an email to our community director, .Sly., in order to help coordinate something wonderful.
Server Reset
Due to an unpreventable error, the 1.9 survival server has had to be reset. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but nothing could be done. However, the server is now fully functional and all ranks should be working properly. We're sorry for the loss of any builds or money, but we can not restore it. Thank you for your understanding.

The error: All player UUID's (what identifies a player), were messed up, so basically when you joined the data wasn't associated with the correct player, which is why originally player ranks were broken. Because of this all the old data was messed up, and we had to reset, we are very sorry, but their was nothing we could do. :(