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SERVER IP: play.AspiriaMc.com
As promised by our server, we release new "features" every week, but they might be so small you might not notice them, or you may have just not discovered them yet. That's why this news post exists! These articles as you may or may not know are published every 2-4 weeks and update you guys on server news, covering topics such as new features, changes or events. The new things that we've been doing, and have released, or will be releasing soon are described below!
  1. Support for MC clients 1.8-1.9.4 for our minigames servers.
  2. Wild Teleportation has been released! All players can use /wild up to 5 times! (We only suggest this for new players, that's its purpose).
  3. Respawning as mentioned in the previous update has been redone. There is no longer any death screen and if you have a house you will respawn at it, if not you will respawn in a random area around your death. You also get some cool messages and this at your death location: [​IMG] '
  4. Auctions has been given a slightly new look, but you guys will have to wait until it's officially fixed (there's an issue we don't have much control over at the moment).
  5. Creating player chest shops is "soon".
Ranks & Store Update
Ranks in the store have been updated to EULA compatible rewards. The benefits are comparable to the older ones. We plan to add much more benefits as time goes on, we have many already planned. We've also removed the Celebrity, King and Paladin ranks (you will still keep them, and can upgrade from them in the store), we removed them because we felt their was too many ranks being offered. We also plan to adjust other parts of our store page (which haven't been adjusted so far), in attempt to refine it, and provide packages we feel you guys will like and want.

EDIT: Certain ranks will have the new benefits enforced upon them without the option to opt-out. Currently only Supporter rank is effected.

A Survival Games contest will occur on June 11th on a undecided time. There will be two competitions, a solo and team based games. @slyvannus, our Community Director will be coordinating and making the contests happen (yey!), an all information regarding it will...
Hi guys, this is BiGUNMAN again! I'd like to talk of some changes you'll be seeing in the near future on Aspiria and the updates were shifting out every couple weeks (in no particular order).

Firstly, a new hub! We've created a beautiful new hub which you can explore, there are a couple hidden secrets to it for you to discover (a lot actually), and it looks great! I'd like to thank those that helped make it so awesome: @AdaptedDolphin, Zozmonster, _Golden_Star_ and @Isaiahls.

Secondly, I'd like to address some awesome features that have come out or will be coming out in the near future:
  • /menu - Manage your shopping, trading, warping and more soon.
  • /shop - Has been revised to add trading and a "Player Market".
  • A player market will at some point be available where you can sell items to all players via a menu. Anyone from anywhere will be able to buy your items.
  • Respawning has been redone, when you die you'll respawn in a radius around your death location and be notified of this (not at the pvp warp/arena).
  • Warping will be slightly modified to add purely aesthetical animations. (@TransparentFate)
  • Although it's not new, I would also like to encourage using /trade - For selling or buying items for players! It's a safe way to guarantee you get your goods.
Some other major changes will be coming soon, but I don't want to mention them until they happen, and when they do I'll address them in a separate announcement.

Finally, I'd like to address the EULA and what it poses for us. The EULA is a Mojang requirement that we must follow. It requires us to remove certain benefits from the ranks we offer on the server, which is very unfortunate, but is alright since we plan to adapt to that. All donors before the EULA enforcement will be given their appropriate benefits, but all new donors will be receiving new benefits which are still extremely good, and may be considered equivalent to the old benefits. In short, this means the ranks will be changing, we will be decreasing the number of ranks we offer (this is because we want to make the selection simpler), and we'll be adding new benefits, and new things you can purchase on the store. Simply removing...