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Admin Auction Event
By: .Sly

The extra health effect of "The Helmet"

This Event is Now Over.
Thanks to all who participated!

Many of you may remember the scavenger hunt and the recent survival games event as fun ways to get together with friends and win some pretty cool prizes. The admin auction is just another one of those events, but instead of scavenging the ocean for chests or fighting to the death in a game of wits, this event emphasizes economic skill. Five items are for sale this time, and they range in price from 300,000 to 750,000 dollars. Below, you will find a list of each item for sale including: how much they cost, how many are going to be sold, the starting bid, the minimum bid increment, and the enchantments. All of these items are rather powerful, but some of them are clearly a little bit better than others. As a result, some of them are for sale for sale more than once. Finally, it is important that we don’t let one player buy all of the items, which is why we are limiting each player to only one item.

The auction will take place on Saturday, April 16th, at 2:00pm (Pacific Standard Time/West Coast U.S.). All players who want to participate in the auction will meet in the spawn and we will be taking bids one at a time, not using the actual auction system in game because someone might snipe the auction.

Mine!: Diamond Pick
  • Amount for Sale: 2
  • Starting Bid: 400,000
  • Minimum Increment: 20,000
Efficiency V
Fortune VII

The Helmet: Diamond Helmet
  • Amount for Sale: 1
  • Starting Bid: 750,000...
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