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SERVER IP: play.AspiriaMc.com


Q: Can I record a video on the server and put it on YouTube?

A: Of course! If you do, we ask that you put the server IP in the description of the video.

Q: How do I make money?

A: You can make money on the server multiple ways:

  • 1. Sellings item in the shop.
  • 2. Selling items in the chest shop.
  • 3. Auctioning items in the shop.
  • 4. By voting daily.
  • Q: What are the ranks players can get?

    A: Players are able to donate for many different ranks.

  • To see a list visit: http://www.mcoldtown.com/store.
  • Q: Can I be Mod or Admin?

    A: If you meet the following conditions you can submit a Moderator application:

  • 1. You have not been muted, jailed, kicked or banned from the server.
  • 2. You are active on both the server and website.
  • 3. You have not broken any rules on the server.
  • 4. You are supportive and helpful to all players.
  • 5. You have made a donation BEFORE you sent in a mod application. (This shows you are willing to support the server). We will not take: "No, but it will soon". (A gifted rank does not count as a donation. It has been given as a gift from another player and does not show your dedication.
  • 6. You treat all players with respect.
  • 7. Been on the server for at least 2 weeks and have knowledge how the server works and what is going on.
  • 8. We ask that when you do fill in a application you don't ask an admin/mod to review it. We will not even look at it if you do so, we will just decline it straight away.
  • 9. Please keep the application formal, no swear words or rude language. This is essentially a resume for a job.
  • You can find the Mod application here: http://www.mcoldtown.com/modapplication - Higher ranks are only achievable once you pass the Moderator position.
  • Q: Is there a way I can protect my chest, furnaces and doors?

    A: Yes you can protect your chests, furnaces and doors by placing a sign on any of them. A [PRIVATE] will appear and you will be able to add your friends to access it later on.

    Q: Can I submit an Un-Ban Application?

    A: Yes you can submit one. Here is a link to where you submit one: http://www.mcoldtown.com/banappeal

    Q: Can I transfer my rank to another account/server?

    A: The answer is no, we do not transfer rank to other servers or accounts.

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