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      Issues with /level?

      Hello, i don't know if this will help, but try getting someone else to place the cacti for you or try finding a desert and break the natural ones. You also need to break the tall cacti from top to bottom because if you break only the bottom block of let's say 3 block tall cactus, it gives...
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      Goodbye Aspiria

      Hello everyone, As some of you may already know, I had to make a decision to quit the server and Minecraft due to personal and family reasons. With this I wanna thank you all for the great time and much fun playing the game, I will miss it a lot... and say goodbye.. Also wish everyone to have...
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      Hi! I'm Stephy!!

      Hello Stephy, glad to meet you, I hope you enjoy your stay with us ^-^ I am excited to see your project aswell, good luck with it !
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      Reinforced Dia armor vs. OP armor

      Thank you thank you.. but i learned from the mistake at least :D
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      Reinforced Dia armor vs. OP armor

      Well it worked as i though it would but... :D i messed up big time anyways. Because after removing the enchants, it said "too expensive" on both boots and helmet so they became useless for fighting sadly. If only i knew this would happen ;-;
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      Reinforced Dia armor vs. OP armor

      Sorry, what i meant is, if the Reinforced dia. armor with Prot 4 is better than OP armor or does it need to have prot 6 to be better than the OP armor? And if I have the armor already enchanted (BiGbRaIn) with thorns 3, can i remove the enchants with the Iron block without damaging / destroying...
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      Reinforced Dia armor vs. OP armor

      Whoops, i already put thorns on ;-; but what about the protection? Is the reinf. armor better even with only protection 4, not prot. 6?
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      Reinforced Dia armor vs. OP armor

      Hello fellow minecrafters ! So for a few days I've been trying to get a Reinforced diamond armor set and i've been wondering, How exactly is it compared to OP armor set? Lets say we enchant the Reinforced armor to Protection IV and Thorns 3, max vanilla enchantments. Is it much better vs the OP...
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      Teribble wifi......AND POKEMON GO

      Am I the only one here who is in team Instinct? :O :D
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      EULA buddies,disguises and more...

      Thanks BiG, if i get a buddy i will wait till they are available :) have a nice day
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      EULA buddies,disguises and more...

      thanks for explanation, im looking forward for them :)
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      EULA buddies,disguises and more...

      Hey everyone, I was trying to be patient and not annoying with constantly asking about this, but when approximately will people who purchased ranks before EULA but choose the EULA perks receive promised crates? This was literally only reason why i dedided to be EULA instead of pre-EULA and the...
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      Pre Eula

      /repair is only included in pre-EULA ranks
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      How to link your MC account with forums?

      didnt found anything like that philitup :/
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      Own a rank? Bought it before EULA? Choice!

      i mean, you wrote about some unique crates, i didnt get that very well