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    1. AlphabetJack

      Sheepi's Head Shop!

      Hey do you mind if I build an armour shop near your place?
    2. AlphabetJack

      Suh Dudes

      Enjuy yur sommer
    3. AlphabetJack

      I'm taking a big break from Aspiria...

      Hey man if you need help with finding out where your horses are and the griefers of your builds I can certainly help with that, as for the "ignorant kids" I say just do /ignore(player) good luck and happy summer
    4. AlphabetJack

      Holidays Contest

      Hey everyone ! Comment one item that's on your Christmas List! So I came up with this idea similar but different to another forum. I am holding the Bottom of the Calander Holiday building contest! This means that on the special plot of land that I have made, Everyone is invited to build a...
    5. AlphabetJack

      hi its Jack

      If you were wondering.. I'm sorry for being inactive BUT I had a death in the family lets only go that far... PLUS+ I've been working on breaking the school track record PLUS+ I've been working on studying for my high school exams which pretty much decide my future @nd I'm not mod anymore BUT I...
    6. AlphabetJack

      Horrible verybad cheesy jokes

      I would tell you a chemistry joke but I don't think I would get a reaction >'<
    7. AlphabetJack

      Corruption within the staff

      No no I think you misunderstood, I was saying that I don't want the purpose of the thread to be mistaken. For example: People just coming on and reporting the staff member who banned them. I think it's a good idea and I think you should keep it.
    8. AlphabetJack

      Corruption within the staff

      I agree fondly with Kohaku, banning isn't a punishment, it is brought upon you as a result of your actions, therefore, resulting in a choice made instead of punishment. The objection of staff is to have fun, and enforce the rules while still having fun, and ban is another way of clearing bad...
    9. AlphabetJack

      I did it.

      I'm talking to him right now.
    10. AlphabetJack

      Warp Coordinates

      Hey! This is great! Kudos to you! I'll be sure to use this! Thanks!!
    11. AlphabetJack


      I make stick figures look bad xD :)
    12. AlphabetJack

      Hey, for those who don't know, I'm Zeeph_

      Why not I'll be a bronie for just today. Anyway hi I'm Jack and if you need help just give me a shout via mail or message. Thanks and Welcome back!
    13. AlphabetJack


      Same lol
    14. AlphabetJack

      A New Begining?

      Oh cool haha sorry for trying to correct you lol. I'm sure you will :) you seem nice and clean of making another mistake ;) :D
    15. AlphabetJack

      A New Begining?

      While I am surprised you still remember almost everyone's names after 2-3 years, you are just a tad off as it is BiGUNMAN ;) : )