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    1. Cody

      where can I download the resource pack to get the new Halloween Op gear textures please

      The resource pack for the halloween textures can be found at https://tinyurl.com/purplerpack.
    2. Cody

      Locked Minecraft can't connect to server

      @WestThePest if you could join the discord server and ping me @Cody#5601 preferably in a ticket that would be the optimal way to best assist you :D
    3. Cody

      Red Server Questions

      Resolved :)
    4. Cody

      Red Server Questions

      Red or Blue?
    5. Cody

      Red Server Questions

      ingame name?
    6. Cody

      Chest shop

      @Chreia @Haphy Im having a brain fart, mind answering?
    7. Cody

      Locked Can we PLEASE change the things in mega crates?

      Here ya go, Depth Strider 5 removed and replaced with a Tier 3 Custom Enchant Gem
    8. Cody

      Locked Can we PLEASE change the things in mega crates?

      Squid, I agree the Depth Strider 5 should be removed from the Mega Crates on Skyblock at this particular time. +1
    9. Cody


      Hello Vokun, nice to have you around and supporting the server, hope you enjoy and continue to do so :)
    10. Cody

      Hello Blue Server

      Hello ! Its probably a good thing we havent met yet, but hopefully we meet for a business deal soon enough :)
    11. Cody

      Howdy! I'm FBI

      You built something that looked inappropriate.
    12. Cody

      I am Sulphera

      Hello Sulphera, welcome to Aspiria ! :D Make sure you follow the /rules and you will be welcomed into the community with open arms :)
    13. Cody

      UPDATE The Hub Update [1.14.4]

      vald do /qs help
    14. Cody

      Hello My name is Dukeofchaos213.

      Limited automatic inventory system? Do you mean a sorter?
    15. Cody

      First post hello!

      Welcome to Aspiria Forums :)