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    1. Haphy

      Hello, I'm nes_ or bbnessa

      Hey New, I'm glad to see you here on the forums, make yourself at home. Very happy to see you stretching out to the more quiet side of the community <3
    2. Haphy

      Hey, I'm Coffee.

    3. Haphy

      Hey, I'm Coffee.

      Hey coffee. I'm not haphy, I'm his next door neighbor but hellow anyway
    4. Haphy

      Hi I'm Jsecure

      What's up Jsecure, glad to have you here. Hope to see you around
    5. Haphy

      Locked Vote glitch

      Sorry, but we don't refund vote keys. Unsure about the vote count though, please let us know if this happens again
    6. Haphy

      Hi, my name is Leon!

      Glad to have you here, if you have any server related questions then don't be afraid to ask me;)
    7. Haphy

      Hello, Im Haphy!

      No u large
    8. Haphy

      Im PaddyII

      Hey, welcome back! Hope to see you again next year
    9. Haphy

      Hello, Im Haphy!

      No u^3
    10. Haphy

      Hello, Im Haphy!

      No u
    11. Haphy

      What's up fellow Aspirians?

      Welcome to Aspiria! I can't wait to see you online. Read the rules and have fun!
    12. Haphy

      Hello, Im Haphy!

      No U :InterdimensionalRobloxDab:
    13. Haphy

      Hello, Im Haphy!

      Aww mann :Nouinfinity:
    14. Haphy

      Hello, Im Haphy!

      :cljap: :cljap:
    15. Haphy

      Hello, Im Haphy!