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    1. HydraKiller90

      Megastructure - U.S.S. Lyell

    2. HydraKiller90

      Locked Minecraft can't connect to server

      Are you joining the correct IP? play.AspiriaMc.com
    3. HydraKiller90

      Weekly Report 6: should I just stop because this is getting very out of hand also how have I reached 6 already

      When did I start this again? You know the usual: Hi, I'm Hydra. Let's just get straight to the news: Bionyx I'm renaming Bionyx to Borionyx. This, the weekly report I'm gonna stop doing this weekly. It's Friday, I said I would do these on Wednesdays. I just have nothing to write about. Starting...
    4. HydraKiller90

      A (really) late introduction.

      "Uh oh," the traveller said, "Hydra made another forum post." Hi there. It's me. HydraKiller90, better known as Hydra, and for the old players: Winfree. Which is why I've renamed my account "OldManWinfree", as I am now technically an "old", or "inactive" player. But hopefully that changes...
    5. HydraKiller90

      Weekly report 5: I have no title joke this week so there will be no more title jokes

      It's the most wonderful time of the year! Wait, wrong holiday. No, it's just wednesday (thursday at the time of finishing this which is sad) again. 20w17a released today, so that's nice. Something to do while we're stuck at home. ANYWAYS! Progress report! Cacti, iron and sugarcane. Why do I...
    6. HydraKiller90

      Weekly Report (1.)4: Journeys End

      Of course I have to make a title joke. Terraria is having its last (major) update next month. This will still carry on though. I wanna get to AT LEAST WR10 before giving up. Anyways, on to the content you're here for. Regarding Hypex: I've decided to push construction back until the server...
    7. HydraKiller90

      Hi! I'm Stephy!!

      Glad you're hooked! Just a note: If you wanna buy the base of a beacon (in iron blocks), it'll cost only 29520$! A fully powered beacon, might I add.
    8. HydraKiller90

      Hi! I'm Stephy!!

      Welcome to Aspiria, Stephy! Hope you enjoy your time here in Red. Just Red, no where else. Don't try to go anywhere else. There's nowhere. Haha, I'm Hydra. Gotta give you respect for being a mother of almost three children. Oh, and just a tip: Haste II beacons. Mending and Unbreaking III. A...
    9. HydraKiller90

      Reinforced Dia armor vs. OP armor

    10. HydraKiller90

      Reinforced Dia armor vs. OP armor

      RIP. Sorry.
    11. HydraKiller90

      Reinforced Dia armor vs. OP armor

      And for the prot. - Probably need a level higher than 4.
    12. HydraKiller90

      Reinforced Dia armor vs. OP armor

      Maybe.. I wouldn't try it though. Unless you've found 7 four-leaf clovers today alone.
    13. HydraKiller90

      Reinforced Dia armor vs. OP armor

      The higher the protection, the better. However, as you said, IV is the max in vanilla.