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    1. Nick

      Team Rocket is here!

      Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!
    2. Nick

      Who has been on oldtown/Aspiria the longest that is still active?

      I joined oldtown back in 2012, and started Minecraft in 2010.
    3. Nick

      Own a rank? Bought it before EULA? Choice!

      I'll take the pre-EULA please, and thanks.
    4. Nick

      Bak, Please don't quit ;-;

      I feel that I left at the right time... I knew what was coming to the community and I felt that it was the right time. Bak, I remember when I met you on old town... This was like, a year and a half ago? You were always loyal to old town/aspira, but I know it's your choice to leave, so leave if...
    5. Nick

      Who is the guy in the new logo ._.

    6. Nick

      Solved - Role Play and Reality, Should we really place a rule over this?

      Tp... aw... my old friend....
    7. Nick

      Not on old town as much.

      So banning for no reason... but not banning/giving a consequence for spam tping? Hmmmm....
    8. Nick

      Aspiria & New Features!

      Ugh... that's all I have to say :P
    9. Nick

      Hai you prob all know me. JAGUAR101

      You again...
    10. Nick

      Brick Co.

      I'll think on joining...
    11. Nick

      Rectangle Districts (aka the advanced way to claim)

      What do you use to record and what to edit?
    12. Nick


      ah! We are entering adult life in MINECRAFT!
    13. Nick

      Tips for forum members

      Well as a master forum member... (totally) I know all this already ;)
    14. Nick

      Queen Rank

      This is a interesting idea..
    15. Nick


      Same things happen to me.