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    1. PurpleMan

      MiniMansion Roofing

      @YeOlde is alright at roofing.
    2. PurpleMan

      Hi ^_^

    3. PurpleMan

      To BiG...

      I like you. You're smart.
    4. PurpleMan


      Noy very nice. Couldn't figure out if I could delete the thread. So I just replaced everything with nothing.
    5. PurpleMan


      In reference to the chat. It was a /pet baby polarbear named Morgan. :') I had one and lost it due to a bug with /buddy and /pet.
    6. PurpleMan

      Whats up with these rankings?

      @BiGUNMAN Should know about this. As I do not.
    7. PurpleMan

      Whats up with these rankings?

      These rankings (to my knowledge) are a website only rank that is determined by likes recieved and messages in total.
    8. PurpleMan

      End guild / End in general.

      I am pretty sure I am not the only player thinking this. Yes, the End Guild is making the end look nice. And are taking it too far by supposedly destroying anything that they (And they alone) do not want there. I am stood in the End as I am writing this. And I am seeing signs that seem to...
    9. PurpleMan

      I just downloaded a minimap using Forge Mod Loader and Lite Loader

      I just downloaded a minimap using Forge Mod Loader and Lite Loader
    10. PurpleMan

      What is your favorite block in Minecraft?

      Dark Oak Logs, Planks and Fences :3
    11. PurpleMan

      Who am I?

      Hey im Yat3s. Nice to meet you
    12. PurpleMan

      Hello everyone

      Hey, I hope you like the community. ^.^
    13. PurpleMan

      Mod Apply

      I guess I will be on after I have finished the assignment im on. I have asked DreadySemicolon he has access to it. He has given me the template and said he would submit in my name. Would that be acceptable?
    14. PurpleMan

      Mod Apply

      Thanks man. That means alot :p. I think it wont give me access because im not classed as a donator according to the website.
    15. PurpleMan

      Inactivity for the next week (If that means anything to anyone)

      I just thought i'd announce that I will be fairly inactive for the next week and a bit. I have to do some assignments for college. I will be on significantly less as a result of this. I will be on daily still, just not as frequent. YAT3S NEEDS TO STOP PROCRASTINATING
    16. PurpleMan


      Guys and girls. I have the most important question! On a scale of 1 to 10, whats your favourite colour in the alphabet?
    17. PurpleMan

      Mod Apply

      The mod application is open to donators? Or does it open when BiG is actually hiring? Either way I dont have access to it.
    18. PurpleMan

      Hey, Im Yat3s

      I love how random my thread is now
    19. PurpleMan

      Hey, Im Yat3s

      I wish I could be a carrot so I could sit there and hold a sign saying "jk chickens are better." I think thats right. Took me a while, I decided to do this just as I woke up :sleep:
    20. PurpleMan

      Hey, Im Yat3s

      Personally i dont think you should look at me in that tone of voice... you smell of a funny colour.