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    1. PurpleMan

      End guild / End in general.

      I am pretty sure I am not the only player thinking this. Yes, the End Guild is making the end look nice. And are taking it too far by supposedly destroying anything that they (And they alone) do not want there. I am stood in the End as I am writing this. And I am seeing signs that seem to...
    2. PurpleMan

      Inactivity for the next week (If that means anything to anyone)

      I just thought i'd announce that I will be fairly inactive for the next week and a bit. I have to do some assignments for college. I will be on significantly less as a result of this. I will be on daily still, just not as frequent. YAT3S NEEDS TO STOP PROCRASTINATING
    3. PurpleMan

      Hey, Im Yat3s

      Hello Aspiria, I am Yat3s, i have been playing for a few weeks now and have been reluctant to post onto any thread, so i thought id start here. I am 17 years of age and I am a male from the United Kingdom. I play minecraft on a daily basis in my spare time and I study computer science when im...