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    1. Queen_Says_Bak

      Ended Skywars Contest

      Username: Turtle_Girl10123 Event: Solo
    2. Queen_Says_Bak

      Hey Community!

      aww bakuuu
    3. Queen_Says_Bak

      Hey I'm Turtle!

      lol Idk like 12 mins Imma fast typer
    4. Queen_Says_Bak

      My Opinion on ChickenSaysBak quitting

      Jenna i love you Please please! Dont quit on me!
    5. Queen_Says_Bak

      Bak, Please don't quit ;-;

    6. Queen_Says_Bak

      Hey I'm Turtle!

      Hey Guys, I have made one of these posts before but I have changed since then and I would like to start from my beginning years of Minecraft. I started Minecraft a long time ago, I was a 10 year old girl trying to live life like some kind of normal... whatever that is. My brother(who has been...
    7. Queen_Says_Bak

      A case for Aspiria, the economy; and against Moderator abuse

      I noticed we can't sell Ores anymore, I was kind of bummed out by that, I make most of my money from mining coal with a silk touch and selling it, I wanted to mention I don't have a problem with the mods who are in a relationship, I don't think it matters. I mean we love you and all Burger...
    8. Queen_Says_Bak

      OMG SHIPS !!!

      Hot **** bro that's awesome
    9. Queen_Says_Bak


      Well, Being Mod is about helping people, which I love doing so, that's why it would be so important to me ^_^ :>
    10. Queen_Says_Bak


      lol sorry bak I was just wondering Sorry Guys I was just wondering, I suck #mistake Dont reply to this thread
    11. Queen_Says_Bak

      Admin Auction Event

      well, this is a good idea.. BUT I DONT HAVE MONEY.
    12. Queen_Says_Bak


      So I saw Butter Gods forum post and I was thinking what you guys thought about me being a mod.. Please let me know XD Just wondering. Thanks Guys!
    13. Queen_Says_Bak

      Mod Apply

      I haven't either, But Maybe get into the social media part a bit more, build BIG awesome builds and include people in it, Also Help people, if someone asks for something in chat, Give it to em :> Good luck!
    14. Queen_Says_Bak

      Solved - Role Play and Reality, Should we really place a rule over this?

      Yeah this sounds like a great Idea, We should have like a whole other world for rp, People could make different rp houses or whatever and then ask if anyone wants to play their rp In the other chat box or this is also a brilliant idea
    15. Queen_Says_Bak

      BiGUNMAN, on a Deeper Level

      Big You're Crazy XD is that picture actually u? I find it strange that u want us... and think about it, we're like ur family, to find u a m8... You all do realize that Big was april fooling us ;-;
    16. Queen_Says_Bak


    17. Queen_Says_Bak

      Out With the Old, in With the New! Win a Prize!

      Brave Heart Beauty and the Beast The dream StarLight BaeBro Dorky Place Chicken land Pop landia Translucent Dynamic Dooser That's all I thought of Or... Blizzard burrito Cookie Crumble Town craft SkyCraft World of Arcadia That's basically all I thought of Craftoholic Is a good one too Defy...
    18. Queen_Says_Bak

      Out With the Old, in With the New! Win a Prize!

      Old town has a wonderful name. Its original ! <3
    19. Queen_Says_Bak

      Server restart

      <3 ikr