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    1. Queen_Says_Bak

      Hey I'm Turtle!

      Hey Guys, I have made one of these posts before but I have changed since then and I would like to start from my beginning years of Minecraft. I started Minecraft a long time ago, I was a 10 year old girl trying to live life like some kind of normal... whatever that is. My brother(who has been...
    2. Queen_Says_Bak


      So I saw Butter Gods forum post and I was thinking what you guys thought about me being a mod.. Please let me know XD Just wondering. Thanks Guys!
    3. Queen_Says_Bak

      Old Town

      Old town, O oldtown. I bow down to you, you and your beautilitious Crown I shall alwaayayysys wonder what a Chicken hodown is. Oldtown O oldtown, You are such a Cold Strong Hold. I must ask why I am so obsessed with Gold, It is because of You, Oldown. Oldtown O oldtown, I might as well scolled...
    4. Queen_Says_Bak

      Happy New Year!

      Heyooo everybody! I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy new year. I Love this server with all my heart... and according to my name, I have a very big heart ;) Also I just wanted to tell any noobies that they should stick with the server because its amazing!! :p
    5. Queen_Says_Bak


      This is random I really wanna know which you like I cannot say why, Just answer :) Bye bye and derp to the world
    6. Queen_Says_Bak

      I bought Celebrity :( and it didn't work

      Hey Big, I bought celebrity and it hasn't showed on the server all day. i used paypal and looked at the confirmation email but it still hasn't showed up:( i spent all my money on that and i would really appreciate it if you helped me out. thanks!! :)