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    1. Elodrai


      Thanks. :) It's in the Blue survival world.
    2. Elodrai


      This was my second home since I rejoined Aspiria. It is surrounded by a mountain circle Players have made their homes in the enclosed mountain, making it a small village. The design is roughly the same as my old castle, but this time made out of polished diorite. There is also a long road...
    3. Elodrai

      The Disappearance of Reptavy

      As we were sitting bored in my castle, waiting for the thunderstorm to cease, we heard muffled shrieking outside. Reptavy sprang at the chance to do something, so he went up the ladders to see what was causing them. After a minute, I heard phantoms screeching. I have never seen Reptavy again.
    4. Elodrai

      Machicolations: Greatest Castle Defense!

      Right? I always do that when I take screenshots in Minecraft Servers to help advertise them. They show up in Google images & could end up leading new players here.
    5. Elodrai

      Hi All

      Howdey truck driver. Scotland you say? I love the culture. :) Nope. There are older players. ;)
    6. Elodrai


      Pozdrav Gonzo! I'm from Serbia. :D Welcome to Aspiria. I'm sure you just need time to get the hang of things. :)
    7. Elodrai

      Kaer Morhen

      I want to hire six people to build me a medium sized castle in the 'Survival Blue' world. The payment upon completion is 100.000$ per builder. Model I want the castle built based on the actual Kaer Morhen model, however, the linked model is a ruin. I want you to make it as if it were not a...
    8. Elodrai

      The Thousand Swords of Ghathan

    9. Elodrai

      The Temple of Ghathan

      Those eyes hold the wisdom of spruce, the wisdom only the Tree Team can hope to understand. One must pray to @Ghathan_Invictus to achieve enlightenment.
    10. Elodrai

      Machicolations: Greatest Castle Defense!

      Do you know of those uh, for the lack of a better word, 'curves' atop of castles, towers & walls? Well, They are not mere decorations, they have a purpose. They are called Machicolations. :knowledge: So, I've built machicolations into my castle-home & I've put it to use. Unlike that one episode...
    11. Elodrai

      Elodrai's Introduction

      This is my introduction to the community of Aspiria. I am playing on the 'Blue Survival' server. I love martial arts, medieval themes, lame jokes & cashew nuts. Oh yes, cashews are the best. :D I used to play on Aspiria sometime around when it was first launched, under another username. I am...