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    1. Zoe

      Lost Items

      Hello! can you please open a ticket within our discord? You'll see the ticket choices in #support . We handle all player issues/reports through there :) Here is an invite link: https://discord.gg/vdqK3QB Have a great day!
    2. Zoe

      i have been banned and am not abe to appeal

      Hello, thank you for your post! Please join the discord server and open a ticket in #support to appeal a ban. You can join the discord here: https://discord.gg/vdqK3QB The username given has never logged into the server before so does not have a history. Maybe try joining the Minecraft server...
    3. Zoe


    4. Zoe

      logged into aspirin for the first time in a while and not rank

      Hi @ScarletIona! Please join our discord and open a ticket in #support so we can get further information and assist you :) https://discord.gg/vdqK3QB
    5. Zoe


      Since Purple has been created, claims expire after 75 days of inactivity as outlined in the rules. "Claim Expiration: Claims expire after 75 days of inactivity unless you have 500,000 or more claimblocks. This is non-negotiable, and will not take real life concerns into consideration (vacations...