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    1. chanman8943

      1.7 or late 6

      1.7 or late 6
    2. chanman8943

      Sheepi's City Project

      I'll help, I just wont be buying any property, I have other obligations atm.
    3. chanman8943

      Sheepi's City Project

    4. chanman8943

      Sheepi's City Project

      Yeah it is!! Go way under ground!!
    5. chanman8943

      Sheepi's City Project

      Coordinates to?
    6. chanman8943

      Sheepi's City Project

      Nice, I build houses out of cow meat :l
    7. chanman8943

      Good god, 2-3 years on this server!

      Good god, 2-3 years on this server!
    8. chanman8943

      My Abandoned City

      Ah yes, I remember the city fate, one time a longgg time ago I was allowed in and the city was still "alive" alot of villagers where in there.
    9. chanman8943

      xD thanks for the info

      xD thanks for the info
    10. chanman8943

      Welcome to exit41!

      Smart, if you see bree online tell her i said ill be back on soon if you remember ok!
    11. chanman8943


    12. chanman8943

      Ravenna Town Grand-Opening!

      Uhhh i cant do it either i still cant figure out my pass i sent some stuff to mojang so maybe thatll help
    13. chanman8943

      Im back

      Hello everyone i know it has been a while i don't know how long it will be till i see you guys but i'm posting this because i lost my internet sometime in Dec but then i lost my pass and so now im stuck doing this but to Bree if you see this hello again :} sorry for not posting sooner i didn't...