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    1. kingamla


      Ah ok, that's understandable. It's a shame we have to cope with trolls and spammers. Either ways thanks for the answer, appreciate it. :D
    2. kingamla


      Is there any reason why threads are usually closed for further replies? I understand why threads that ask questions can be closed after an answer is found, but general topics such as introductions etc. are limited pointlessly imo.
    3. kingamla

      Hello my name is Miles

      Welcome To Aspiria! :D Hope you enjoy your time here.
    4. kingamla

      there is some mod that contacts me

      lul wut?
    5. kingamla

      Help Choose a Location for my Adventure Game

      Mesa valley 2 looks amazingly similar to the 1.10 world where I built my base
    6. kingamla

      It's been a long time

      You don't question the mod app, you leave it alone. Patience Is Key!
    7. kingamla

      It's been a long time

      Fantastic Work! Great to see the server being fixed. Good luck to the staff team, and best of luck for the future.
    8. kingamla

      Hello Aspria

      Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here :)
    9. kingamla

      I am not newbie but yeah look at this i need help

      That's quite a introduction, not what I expected but ok. If you want to apply for staff, top of this forum page you'll see "more." Click "More" and you'll see "Moderator Application." Click that, follow and fill in the details.
    10. kingamla

      Hullo to one and all!

      Welcome To The Server! Have fun and enjoy your time :D
    11. kingamla

      I'm done, died too many times because of lag now.

      ngl, but recently I've not had any lag..... and the thing that keeps your items, its a one time use I think (the ancient protection thing only works once, if you die once it gets used up)
    12. kingamla


      Welcome To Aspiria 0/. Have fun exploring this server :) Commads : /warps - shows a list of places you can warp to /sethome - sets your home which you can tp to using /home - Once you begin making your home use this to set your home so you can return to it /shop, /playershop and /ah - used to...
    13. kingamla

      I am Oah.

      Welcome. Have fun!
    14. kingamla

      Farewell Aspirians

      Cya later - Have fun and good luck!
    15. kingamla

      Hi ^_^

      Not everyone likes to stay on the same server, they may see it and move to another server after a while.
    16. kingamla

      City of Libraries

      - I can supply a ton of dyes - I can do redstone - I own a bakery so food is not much of a problem - Melons is what I can supply in giant amounts - I can supply Some items -
    17. kingamla

      Hi there! (´• ω •`)ノ

      !!Welcome!!! - To aspiria 0/
    18. kingamla

      Five Years of Aspiria! - 20% Off Sale

      Great ;D
    19. kingamla

      I Hope My DDoss Works This Server Needs to burn

      https://www.psychologytoday.com/tests/health/mental-health-assessment For the greater good, take this peace offering^^^......