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    1. Shawn889

      Family Christmas Pictures!

      I put the tree and the presents there last night. You like it :O
    2. Shawn889

      How is the Mod team doing?

      I'll look into this tomorrow. Do unban app anyway. But im sure you'll be approved
    3. Shawn889


      I'm aware on what you did to get banned. but i'd like you to explain it to me once more so we can decide whether or not you should be unbanned. Please be very specific on what you did, and what you'll do to change yourself as a player and make sure it wont happen again. For privacy you may send...
    4. Shawn889


      Don't tell me what to do. If you act that way you'll never be unbanned.
    5. Shawn889


      Were looking into your unban application.
    6. Shawn889

      Same :D

      Same :D
    7. Shawn889

      Yeah, i'll add you.

      Yeah, i'll add you.
    8. Shawn889

      What does this look like? Bunny?

      I see a turtle :3
    9. Shawn889

      How is the Mod team doing?

      I feel Shawn889 doesn't do enough work. His personal life takes over too much and he's not on minecraft any more or as much as he should be </3
    10. Shawn889

      Building A Chinese Town

    11. Shawn889

      Building A Chinese Town

      Yes i do
    12. Shawn889

      Building A Chinese Town

      Your picture is project fiora :o
    13. Shawn889


      I've always enjoyed Mcmmo
    14. Shawn889

      New Logo! PlayerWarps and more!

      The warps are both personal and public. You set the position of the warp, but any player is able to use them. The main purpose for them is if you have built a large town or something that you want to make public you can by setting a warp within the area
    15. Shawn889

      The Shawn Poem

    16. Shawn889

      The Minecraft Life of Fate

      Cram me in :3
    17. Shawn889

      The Minecraft Life of Fate

      Im not in it 3;
    18. Shawn889

      Just want to hear back THANKz

      Were going over your ban appeal. You will be notified shortly about your status
    19. Shawn889

      Hi I am DuckyGamerGirl

      Thanks for the amazing feedback <3
    20. Shawn889