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    1. oah

      How to become staff! (Tips)

      A wise man once told me, "Don't apply to become a mod to get mod commands." He said, "apply because you want to help people more." If you want to become a mod, make sure you're not a jerk, or learn how to not be one. Try to make no enemies. Try to make friends. Don't use ppl that kiss your butt...
    2. oah

      I am Oah.

      Hi, i'm Oah. I'm a dude that lives in Nashville, TN, USA. I consider myself a trusty goodguy. I got laid off from work, a really great job, so I have a lot of playtime while I look for a new job and try to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I have been playing MC for years; single...
    3. oah

      Just dropping in

      Wow! Chev! WB!
    4. oah

      Hi ^_^

      Hi, nice to meet! I am 45yo samoa woman, 4'3" 300lbs, i live in alaska.
    5. oah

      A case for Aspiria, the economy; and against Moderator abuse

      I've always wondered what that first rule means, 'Do not use mob eggs in non-pvp areas'. Does it mean 'pig spawn eggs are only ok to use in pvp areas' or??
    6. oah

      A case for Aspiria, the economy; and against Moderator abuse

      I feel that two of the mods having a relationship has hurt the server in no way whatsoever. They have not harmed the economy in any way, I've seen no indication of any mod 'making an infinite supply of resellable items' and using the ability to make $. If anything, the server has benefited from...
    7. oah

      New hub, /menu, Eula & Us [1.9.4 Update]

      By the power of Greyskull!
    8. oah

      Why I stopped playing here.

      Ok, here's what was happening on my screen while Morph saw that stuff. I'm guessing he didn't get scolded for it because I saw Di give him 2 warnings to get out of her base a couple days later.
    9. oah

      McMMO, The Plugin

      We have repair (the iron block) mcmmo skill disabled on the server. I have to guess it's because repair is a perk of the donor rank.
    10. oah

      What would you do? ~I need opinions~

      I used to die a lot and have to make new gear Often. It is easier here since we can buy the stuff and just hit the xp grinders to make enchants, but it all takes a bunch of time. If you put $2 into a jar everytime you have to spend the morning making all new gear, you'll have enough for a rank...
    11. oah

      Why I stopped playing here.

      I really really like most of the stuff on this server, the economy, most of the ppl; The Uptime, the lack of lag. The events, the staff. The great lengths the owner goes to make sure everything is perfect. It's been my favorite server, the only one I've donated to, more than once to. But I've...
    12. oah

      Truly sorry

      If respectsmidgets vouches for you, it's good enough for me.
    13. oah

      Admin Auction Event

      Here's a list of who won what, by request. §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> So the first item, is Mine! We will be auctioning three of these. §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> jman607y Pay me §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Sold to persephone! §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Next is The...
    14. oah

      Hey, Im Yat3s

      If you haven't seen 'death note' i recommend it.
    15. oah

      Solved - Role Play and Reality, Should we really place a rule over this?

      This entire discussion is very confusing. To ME, RP is when you pretend, and it can have neat 'uncommon language'. So, something like 'Fate! I will come hither and save you from extreme hinderance by protecting you from the impending zombie apoc upon my steed forsooth!' or some crap like that...
    16. oah

      BiGUNMAN, on a Deeper Level

      It was an epic April Fool's joke!
    17. oah

      Call me zombie

      I speak fluent Zombie. holding=building.
    18. oah

      The End is Near!

      I heard the server was gonna be reset on Monday, and it's Monday now. I've never seen 'the end of the world' before, but, it's gonna happen today I heard. Or, well... 'the eradication of any proof of habitation of anyone'