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    1. Artificially

      Hello Aspria

      Hello Aspria You may know me as Locojoe01 and i have' not played on this server since it was oldtown but i hope i'm welcomed back. Its so different i remember but yeah thats all. Joey-{Artificially}
    2. Artificially

      i miss this server

      i miss this server
    3. Artificially

      The Minecraft Life of Fate

      I really like your minecraft life story...way more interesting than mine
    4. Artificially

      Server restart

      Tacos Also I can't wait for the reset
    5. Artificially


      Omg XD
    6. Artificially


      WOOOOOOOO congrats on the number one spot :p
    7. Artificially

      What to buy in the OP Shop

      I was wondering what would be the best deal for my money in the op ?. Also what's popular with everyone else. Thanks for your recommendations of what to buy in advance. :D
    8. Artificially

      Talking about religion

      It just makes life easier if you don't bring religious beliefs into it. But I don't really care if people talk about religion.
    9. Artificially

      Ended Book Contest! - Concluded

      Well congrats again to tabby! <8
    10. Artificially

      Hi, Im Painopete

      Welcome to old town!!
    11. Artificially

      Just in Case You're Having a Bad Day

      It was very entertaining
    12. Artificially

      [3 Years] Updates, Contest, Features!

      Congratulations on three years let's hope that many more to come ;)
    13. Artificially

      Ended Book Contest! - Concluded

      I can't think about what to write so I am out
    14. Artificially

      Ended Book Contest! - Concluded

      I am also in
    15. Artificially


    16. Artificially

      /tphere or /tp disabled??

      This case just got interesting.
    17. Artificially

      /tphere or /tp disabled??

      How do you know that it wasn't just a regular players? Or are you sure it was a donor. I try not to take sides I just want to know who it is.
    18. Artificially


      Very interesting I hope you can solve the crimes O_O
    19. Artificially

      Old Town "Town" system!

      This sounds cool but could we still have private bases or would the town tp be are Maine house? And I don't want Pvp
    20. Artificially

      Brick Co.

      I'm in , we can also sell heads now