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    1. ChickenSaysBak


    2. ChickenSaysBak

      4 Years, Contest, A Lot More [Update 1.10.2]

      Now I'm craving olive garden bread sticks x_x
    3. ChickenSaysBak

      4 Years, Contest, A Lot More [Update 1.10.2]

      Happy Anniversary Aspiria! :D
    4. ChickenSaysBak

      Riverdance the Show - We need dancers!

      Hello, we will be preforming a show known as Riverdance in Minecraft!. The original Riverdance is an Irish dance show preformed in the Point Theatre in Dublin Ireland. We have recreated it and plan to do a performance here in Minecraft! We are currently looking for cooperative people that are...
    5. ChickenSaysBak

      Veteran National Park

      ^ One of those says "Mineplex" on the sidebar thing xD
    6. ChickenSaysBak

      Hey Im BACK!

      Welome bak! Aspiria missed you :P
    7. ChickenSaysBak

      Airport At my town!

      As you can see, ronip's airport is currently a chicken trend because chickens need to cross roads safely without getting hit by cars. Thankyou, ronip, for contributing to the Chicken Safe Society Association. All chickens appreciate your doings. ;D
    8. ChickenSaysBak


      Have a nice vacation from minecraft! :P
    9. ChickenSaysBak

      Hey Everyone!

      Welcome to aspiria! We're glad you like it here :)
    10. ChickenSaysBak

      Own a rank? Bought it before EULA? Choice!

      Disregard my previous post, I want Eula instead :P Also when do we get the "special thing" disguise or whatever?
    11. ChickenSaysBak

      I will check back in a few weeks to check on this server.

      *Notices queen Amidala in the bak ground*
    12. ChickenSaysBak

      Wither Skeletons

      Find a nether fortress, make sure there aren't a bunch of torches everywhere and stand back so they can spawn. Another thing you could do is try to flatten the nether fortress out into like a big flat spawning platform. :p
    13. ChickenSaysBak

      It' so much fun :D

      It' so much fun :D
    14. ChickenSaysBak

      ;-; I wana go to the beeeaach (I'm going in 2 weeks :D)

      ;-; I wana go to the beeeaach (I'm going in 2 weeks :D)
    15. ChickenSaysBak


    16. ChickenSaysBak

      coookies :DD

      coookies :DD
    17. ChickenSaysBak


    18. ChickenSaysBak

      What texture pack(s) do you use?

      I use Pak http://texturepak.weebly.com It comes with a enderdragon with BiG's face, bird seed diamonds/gold/emeralds/etc, chicken zombies, crazyminercreepers, a weird paintings xD and more
    19. ChickenSaysBak