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    1. BiGUNMAN

      NEWS Green & Reviewing 2023 so far

      Hello Aspirians, If you haven't been following us on Discord, I highly recommend doing so, as we post more frequent updates there! In December we launched Survival Green... Survival Green is the best way to experience Aspiria, its a more traditional survival experience. Unlike Purple.. God...
    2. BiGUNMAN

      OFFICIAL Welcome to Survival Vanilla, and 1.18

      Hello Aspirians, It has been a while since I last made an update post. I am excited to share with everyone the latest news! 1.18 Survival Vanilla Discover Survival Vanilla in the Hub. It's a fantastic way to play 1.18 before we launch the update on Purple. Explore new terrain and enjoy a...
    3. BiGUNMAN

      NEWS 8 Year Anniversary: Sale, New Store Items

      Hello Aspirians! Eight years ago, Aspiria MC was founded as a No-Griefing, Vanilla survival server. We've seen players build amazing homes and create fantastic memories. To celebrate our anniversary, we are running a 20% sale and have created a limited edition "Anniversary Crate" that includes...
    4. BiGUNMAN

      NEWS Bridging Two Decades - 2020 [1.15.1]

      Our donation of $130 (USD) to the ARFS.
    5. BiGUNMAN

      NEWS Bridging Two Decades - 2020 [1.15.1]

      Hello Aspirians, This past year has been fantastic. We've seen tremendous community growth, thousands of new players and many older players as well. I've seen some people that first connected 3+ years ago playing! Charity - Australian Rural Fire Service Over the past two months we've raised...
    6. BiGUNMAN

      NEWS Team Trees and Historical Red Server [1.14.4]

      Our final donation of $50 (matching $25), making the total donated by us and the community: $450!
    7. BiGUNMAN

      NEWS Team Trees and Historical Red Server [1.14.4]

      Here is our second follow up donation of $110 (we matched $55).
    8. BiGUNMAN

      NEWS Team Trees and Historical Red Server [1.14.4]

      Here is our follow up donation of $60 (we matched $30 in donations):
    9. BiGUNMAN

      Leveling Issues on Survival Blue?

      Hi @GriffinX77, we are aware of the /level issue and are working on resolving it.
    10. BiGUNMAN

      NEWS Team Trees and Historical Red Server [1.14.4]

      Hello Aspirians! We've decided to participate in the #TeamTrees charity campaign at https://teamtrees.org/. We want to play at least a small role in making the world a better place and hope you all do too! Since October 31st, we've been selling the #teamTrees in-game tag on the store for $5...
    11. BiGUNMAN

      Some disguises on Skyblock make people get kicked

      @Neelh Is this still happening right now?
    12. BiGUNMAN

      NEWS The Red Reset [1.14.4]

      Hello Aspirians, In the past year, the Survival Red server has been crucial to the rejuvenation of Aspiria. Today, is the day we say goodbye to that 150 gigabyte, 1.13.2 world. We launched Red in October 1st, 2018 in attempt to create a great survival server, better then anything we had done in...
    13. BiGUNMAN

      NEWS Skyblock PVP Update [1.14.4]

      Hello Aspirians, Welcome to the Skyblock PVP update, which includes a lot more then pvp and skyblock related changes! Global Updates Chat Filter has been changed Server supports a greater variety of Minecraft versions Colossus rank color changed dark red New /buddys available in the store...
    14. BiGUNMAN

      Hello my Name is SphenX

      Hey guys, I'm new here too! I just got the 54,95€ Owner rank and it's awesome! How do I protect my land?
    15. BiGUNMAN

      UPDATE The Hub Update [1.14.4]

      Connect using: play.AspiriaMc.com. To connect to survival servers you must use 1.13.2
    16. BiGUNMAN

      Hi, I am Clockwork!

      Oh, isn't there a crazy festival in Roskilde every summer?
    17. BiGUNMAN

      UPDATE The Hub Update [1.14.4]

      Hello Aspirians, We have quite a few updates for you all, just take a look around the website! :) Over the past month we've been working on various improvements to the servers and focusing on the continued development of skyblock! Global Updates New hub that now supports 1.12 connections for...
    18. BiGUNMAN

      NEWS Survival Blue [1.14.3]

      Welcome to Survival Blue! Our new survival server, with a reworked leveling system, improved coin shop, and new economy. Released this past Friday! What is Survival Blue? Survival Blue is a second survival server that you can choose to play on, it has a few changes to the original survival...
    19. BiGUNMAN

      NEWS Anniversary Update & 20% Sale [1.14.2]

      IP: play.AspiriaMc.com
    20. BiGUNMAN

      Website ranks and names.