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    1. Awustin

      NEWS Bridging Two Decades - 2020 [1.15.1]

      I love seeing improvements, and hope to see many more this year :)
    2. Awustin

      My Name is Collin.

      Hello there, glad to have you here :) I see you play on blue. Solid choice
    3. Awustin


      Very old post, this link will work. http://discord.gg/3q5cS3y
    4. Awustin

      Hi I'm Jsecure

      Hey jsecure! Welcome to the forums and to aspiria, I love the community in blue and I’m glad you joined us
    5. Awustin

      Selling Claim?

      You can sell your claim yes, You will need to unclaim it and have them claim it at point of sale however
    6. Awustin

      Mute appeal evidence and counter position (title edited)

      Go ahead and put your appeal in https://aspiriamc.com/forums/appeals/ Also follow the format
    7. Awustin

      Red/Blue Level Up Requirements

      Congrats on hitting level 50!
    8. Awustin


      The reason this happened is you used a crowbar that existed prior to the 1.14 update
    9. Awustin

      Hello, I'm Jackson, and I'm starting a youtube series on the server!

      I love the video. I also play on blue so maybe ill see you around. I had a lot of fun getting to level 50, and I am sure you will also :)
    10. Awustin

      I'm Locus!

      I love the blue server. Enjoy your time here. I hope to see you around :)
    11. Awustin

      Hello Blue Server

      its 4 jojo. the answer is 4
    12. Awustin

      hello! i'm raihns:)

      you cant eat pink. but you can eat a green (edit:) you eat an orange not a green
    13. Awustin


      Achieve greatness my friend
    14. Awustin

      Hello Blue Server

      Hey ankouu :) Come visit "/pws rc" in game! I look forward to seeing you there
    15. Awustin

      hello! i'm raihns:)

      spent 20 minutes looking at cute duck pictures. can confidently say time well spent
    16. Awustin

      hello! i'm raihns:)

      hi hannah im austin! why a duck?
    17. Awustin

      Hi! I'm JsineD!!

      Hey JsineD Welcome to the server :) You'll have to show me around once you get set up
    18. Awustin


    19. Awustin


      hi ralphy26 nice to meet you