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    1. Alex_The_Hermit

      Red/Blue Level Up Requirements

    2. Alex_The_Hermit

      Dynamic map

      Its survival..... the goal isn't to make is easier. We will talk it over with the team, but like we said... low priority, low need, and pretty unneccesary.
    3. Alex_The_Hermit

      Dynamic map

      I think this is unlikely to happen for many reasons. However, I will add it in our staff discussion and see where it goes.
    4. Alex_The_Hermit

      Moderators, read the gosh darned post, this isnt an appeal for bans, I want to know what I should do next when unbanned.

      While your POST may not have been a punishment appeal..... you DID put it in the punishment appeals section of the forums, where it was denied for NOT being an appeal AND for using the wrong format. Before you insult the moderators, be sure you are accurate in your story. Now, to answer your...
    5. Alex_The_Hermit

      An open letter to Aspiria’s Mod Team…

      Awww shucks....
    6. Alex_The_Hermit

      NEWS Bridging Two Decades - 2020 [1.15.1]

      #teamAussie is gonna be epic. Lets all support our friends in the land down under!
    7. Alex_The_Hermit

      Hello, I'm nes_ or bbnessa

      My job allows me to play during work hours some too so I can understand what you are saying. I started playing Minecraft because my two oldest kids (14 and 12) loved it. We play at the house on our own joint world and I have played on Aspiria a lot. Been moderating for about a year here and I...
    8. Alex_The_Hermit


      Excited to work my way through and read these over the next few days. Nice work and thank you for sharing.
    9. Alex_The_Hermit

      How is everyone?

      I'm doing pretty good. Thanks for asking. How are you?
    10. Alex_The_Hermit

      Hey, I'm Coffee.

      Welcome. If you ever need anything reach out in game.
    11. Alex_The_Hermit

      My Name is Collin.

      Welcome to the forums and congratulations on becoming an Aspirian. We are glad to have you and look forward to building together in our favorite block game. If you ever need assistance on Blue, just ask for the Dadmin, and ill be happy to help.
    12. Alex_The_Hermit

      Hey, I'm Coffee.

      Welcome Coffee. God to see you on the forums now and glad you are in the server. Let me know if you need anything.
    13. Alex_The_Hermit

      Hi I'm Jsecure

      Thanks for joining us on Blue and on Aspiria in general. Been great to have you in the community and excited to see where your in game plans go. You can always hit me up in game @Alex_The_Hermit or just holler DADmin in chat and if i'm around, i'll be happy to help.
    14. Alex_The_Hermit

      Hi, I am Clockwork!

      Welcome to the community.
    15. Alex_The_Hermit

      Where did all the friendly mobs go?

      Also if you are constantly moving from chunk to chunk you might not find any. The system spawns the entities into LOADED chunks ONLY. So if you are constantly running to new chunks there won't be animals.
    16. Alex_The_Hermit

      Need command help?

      We also don't use command blocks.
    17. Alex_The_Hermit


    18. Alex_The_Hermit

      hi there

    19. Alex_The_Hermit


    20. Alex_The_Hermit

      Hey Ya'll!