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    1. Hudson

      Staff Applications!

    2. Hudson

      Locked Build contest!

      Hello fellow members and players of the Aspiria community! I am here today to present to you, my Build contest of the month! This contest will be hosted by me, and a few members I have put together to form a "Production team". I'll explain a little more what this Production Team is, later on...
    3. Hudson

      Small Update Statement. (SERVER WIDE NEWS!)

      Hello fellow players of aspiria, I have a small update that will mostly only effect most of you today. We are having some security issues that the staff team are trying all the can to fix so that you guys can rejoin the server. Please be calm and patient, I will post a comment once the server...
    4. Hudson

      The Diary of Hudson

      Hey everyone! Today, I am officially starting a forum diary. This will NOT be private unless I decide others wise for specific reasons. Basically, this diary will say what things I have done today. I will try to keep them minecraft/aspiria related, and possibly some in real life stuff, but if it...
    5. Hudson

      Friend Town.

      Hello everyone! I am Hudson, one of the new trial mods on aspiria, and I am talking about my new project on survival. I noticed that I myself do not know a lot of the active players on aspiria, and I want to change that. I plan to make a town, where I will ask players to come and build in, and...
    6. Hudson

      Hudson's Village/Town!

      Hello fellow players of Aspiria! I am here to talk about my new town, or you could call it a village, Magic Meadows! The town will be available to everyone that wants to join and build in, and will be on the outskirts of a NPC village. The town is very new and pretty small currently, but I...
    7. Hudson

      My introduction!

      Hello everyone my name is Hudson! I am here for my introduction, and here are just some random facts about me! 1. I am a big gamer 2. I have 3 siblings 3. I play 2 instruments 4. I play minecraft anywhere from 5-17 hours daily 5. I live in the US 6. I was born in winter 7. I'm the oldest...