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      Goodbye Aspiria

      Hello everyone, As some of you may already know, I had to make a decision to quit the server and Minecraft due to personal and family reasons. With this I wanna thank you all for the great time and much fun playing the game, I will miss it a lot... and say goodbye.. Also wish everyone to have...
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      Reinforced Dia armor vs. OP armor

      Hello fellow minecrafters ! So for a few days I've been trying to get a Reinforced diamond armor set and i've been wondering, How exactly is it compared to OP armor set? Lets say we enchant the Reinforced armor to Protection IV and Thorns 3, max vanilla enchantments. Is it much better vs the OP...
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      EULA buddies,disguises and more...

      Hey everyone, I was trying to be patient and not annoying with constantly asking about this, but when approximately will people who purchased ranks before EULA but choose the EULA perks receive promised crates? This was literally only reason why i dedided to be EULA instead of pre-EULA and the...
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      How to link your MC account with forums?

      Hey guys, i have noticed many of you have somehow "connected/linked" accounts with the aspiria site so when you post something on the forums, people can see your ingame nic, face, rank. Can saomeon eplease explain how to make it work ? Thanks ^^
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      Rank question- homes

      Heya, i have been wondering how to set second(third) home. I purchased supporter and it says you get 3 homes for it. But this is the only command that seems to not work. Any ideas? thanks
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      Hello everyone

      Hello people, my name is Sima and i am 19 years old. I currently live in Czech republic and study mechanical engineering. I have been playing minecraft on this server for about a week and i really like it here.. im not planning to wwitch to any other server so i thought it would be nice to...