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    1. Miles_Sunhede

      leveling tutorial (videolink)

    2. Miles_Sunhede

      Please make phantom spawner a thing or make phantom level requirment easier.

      The current phantom level requirment kill 500 phantoms is to hard takes to much time its just no big FAT no. And thats why i would like it decreased to 100 because im over 100 but also because so its acually duable. Or please make phantom spawner a spawner of the week maybe 100 coins would be...
    3. Miles_Sunhede

      Level requirments from 1-43

      LVL1- click LVL2-Play for 60min,kill 5 passive mobs,mining level of 5,woodcutting level of 5, excavation level of 5. LVL3-Play for 120min,walk 2000 meters, meters is blocks,mining level of 20, woodcutting level of 20, excavation level of 20. LVL4-Kill 20 passive mobs,kill 20 undeadmobs,mining...
    4. Miles_Sunhede

      im back :()

      im back :()
    5. Miles_Sunhede


    6. Miles_Sunhede

      ehm ma

      when in ma lobby when I lose hunger there I've lost the same amount in the ma "battle"
    7. Miles_Sunhede

      villager breeding works

      villager breeding works now
    8. Miles_Sunhede

      i got awesome idea

      So with mcmmo repair you can remove for exampel the thorns or the frostwalker on your op items this will be very helpful. Dont know if this works in salvaging so we can get like prot 10 books.
    9. Miles_Sunhede

      leaving forever bye

      finnaly got gf so imma go bye bye
    10. Miles_Sunhede

      Mcmmo is back

      With the mobstacking removed mcmmo seems to work clean and perfect now
    11. Miles_Sunhede

      Lets get mcmmo back!!!

      The more replys we get and more who take this mcmmo problem seriusly the faster we can get it fixed!
    12. Miles_Sunhede

      Minigame update???

      minigames are offline right now and survival games and trouble in terrorist town came out recently so im guessing the minigames being worked on
    13. Miles_Sunhede

      This is a story about Miles the worlds strongest man.

      Miles: OYYY roni lower the sales a big storms coming. Ronip: Ay Ay captain Miles. "Miles and roni battle thru the intense storm" Miles: Ahhhh finally over oyy roni imma take a nap make sure the ship goes to the destination as planned Ronip: Ay Ay Captain Miles. "Miles is taking his nap in the...
    14. Miles_Sunhede

      Anyone can help me with silverfish?

      So one of the requirements to level to 28 is killing 500 silverfish and right now I'm banned and even when I'm banned its going to be hard to find silverfish. If anyone have any tips on finding silverfish or have a spawner. Or spawner location I would much appreciate if you want payment for...
    15. Miles_Sunhede

      Ancient sword leak!!!

      The Ancient sword is a iron sword with knockback 7, mending,sharpness 7, and unbreaking 7
    16. Miles_Sunhede

      1100 repair skill ill repair your item for 5k

      i will repair your item with 1100 skill for 5k you also have to give me forexampel 1 diamond if you want me to fix diamond tool or armor piece or 1 iron to fix iron sword or iron piece. Contact me ingame My name is Miles_Sunhede im online basicly all day
    17. Miles_Sunhede

      Hello my name is Miles

      My name is Miles and I play a lot of Aspiria.