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    1. mjnoe70

      It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's White Crow!

      Welcome! I would also suggest checking both /rules on the server (different slightly on each) too. Hope you enjoy your time and one nice thing is you can jump around on all the servers or pick one to push yourself on. A lot of normal server options exist /vote for vote links /wild or /rtp...
    2. mjnoe70

      Solved Player report with image

      ...and still there. I can't remove the chests even if I take the time to fix up the land. Not to mention there is a land claim around the chests by BOBlettuce0156 right on my public farm area, which he did right next to one of my signs about fixing damage, replacing crops and that griefing...
    3. mjnoe70

      Solved Griefer

      The only thing missing is the coordinates and server. If you are trying to keep a location more hidden, then I would tell staff to contact you if needed. Though a very nice report with good detail. Hopefully all reporters will make sure to include this level of detail and information. I...
    4. mjnoe70

      Hello my Name is SphenX

      Hmmm.... Uh. Well, er, ok.
    5. mjnoe70

      Solved Player report with image

      Still seeing issues... Most of these were from the original damage but I have not been checking every day.
    6. mjnoe70

      Am i wrong here

      Hello @Danyl69 I don't think that is it. It is normal to expect that in normal claims people leave roughly minimum of 100 blocks between builds/claims. I have seen mods do the same for others, ranked or not on both sides. This does not give either of the builders room to grow and do what they...
    7. mjnoe70

      Solved Player report with image

      Hello Jordan DG, I'm on blue checking this morning at the same coordinates and those chests are there and farms are still damaged. Sorry I missed the server the first time.
    8. mjnoe70

      Solved Player report with image

      Please see the coordinates and name below. NOTE: the chests are the only thing /co i would give me information on. I couldn't see who took crops or broke blocks. There are several destroyed areas of the farm that things were obviously dug out and left.
    9. mjnoe70

      Heyo, Dyal_Tyme Here!

      Welcome fellow Blue member. The nice thing about Blue is it is more normal minecraft than advanced redstone and farming stuff. Granted I do kind of like that stuff but it is nice to have a "back to basics" kind of world to play in as well.
    10. mjnoe70

      What Should We Add?

      Mining spawners are also available for coins, just not cheap. But working for what you want is kind of not only a blue server thing but very much a minecraft thing. On the mining dimension, I don't mind most of the other thoughts to help replenish resources but the idea of a full reset every...
    11. mjnoe70

      Possible change to store on Blue?

      I think there are a couple different things here. Changing vote rewards, store or both. First from the store side it can simply be corrected by making them something that can be sold rather than purchased for Blue. I think this is really the easiest change as any other changes create more...
    12. mjnoe70

      Rarest Items

      Just gonna expand on that and also in to money items that are easier to get. To add to the rare list: Shulker Shells/Boxes 10/20k Beacons 30-40k Emerald Ore is likely pretty rare too but no idea on value. Thinking of best to sell at /warp marketplace: bones/bone blocks all prismarine variants...
    13. mjnoe70

      Lost my home

      That is to bad you didn't get the answer online. I think most people are generally helpful on those types of things but you would need someone to see it and someone with fly to be online. I know that during times of the day, chat is so busy it is hard to catch everything, especially when you...
    14. mjnoe70

      Unsolved failed to log in

      This can also happen if you are running more than one copy of the game and start them at different times. Also if you sign in at another location in to your account while the game is running at your original computer it will create this same issue as well. I do believe what was said by both...
    15. mjnoe70

      Lost armor stand and Diamond armor after afk log out

      I had about the same thing happen. When you first come in to /spawn on blue it does tell you that, but I think I always figure I can just skip those. Anyway, lucky for us it is minecraft and pretty much everything is pretty easily replaced.
    16. mjnoe70

      Solved Griefing

      @jojowildson thanks for the follow up, I made that note on what to make sure to include when reporting is needed. Do you know if with rails, can someone ride them by placing a minecart on claimed rails? I have a public farm, which as you noted, signs do not stop griefing. However, without it...
    17. mjnoe70

      Solved Griefing

      @jojowildson nice inclusion of the imgur/image posting process. However, I think we need to ask staff to confirm just what players should include in reports. I do worry about issues related to posting of players names and some screen shots even though it would seem that is great proof...
    18. mjnoe70

      Hello My name is Dukeofchaos213.

      Welcome to Aspiria and I'm assuming you are playing on Blue. The Red server does not have the same restrictions in place. I think if you play both a bit you may appreciate the number of players that Blue can support with little to no lag vs Red. You may want to ask an admin or mod to review...
    19. mjnoe70

      First post hello!

      Always glad to get some new opinions and more activity on the forums!
    20. mjnoe70

      Solved Unknown Player - report griefing

      I was just speaking more in general, when a thread becomes useless or needs closed to stop more conversation.