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    1. J

      Unsolved Disc Shop doesn't work?

      It's not a music disc. A disc is an old in game currency, that has recently been removed. They were a reward for leveling up. For the players who had remaining discs, they were able to turn them in for coins. You are now unable to get discs, and it was compensation for the players who had discs...
    2. J

      It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's White Crow!

      Hello! Welcome to Aspiria! I hope you enjoy your time on this server, and you meet all of your goals. If you need some help with a few commands to get started do /help. There a few basic commands there, that will assist you in your command troubles. Have a nice day! -jojowildson
    3. J

      Hello my Name is SphenX

      Wow! An excellent tutorial by our helper Corrosive_st. He has been with the staff team for over 30 years and he knows the server well. In fact he was such an amazing moderator Hypixel wanted to recruit him. They were offering 900,000 a month. He rejected the offer to stay with us, and continue...
    4. J

      Hello my Name is SphenX

      Hello SphenX! Welcome to Aspiria! When you are online to get into the overworld do /wild. Next find a unclaimed area, or somewhere you would like to build. To claim land do /claim and if you would like to adjust your claim use the golden shovel that you are given when you log into the server...
    5. J

      Solved Discord?

      Here is a link to the server discord: https://discord.gg/nFSwuKz Hope this Helps :D
    6. J


      The server IP for Aspiria, is play.aspiriamc.com. If you join, I hope you enjoy your time and if you need anything feel free to message me. My in game name is jojowildson. Hope this Helps :D
    7. J


      Can you please give more evidence please? Maybe, take a moderator to one of his x-ray tunnels, or a video of him or her x-raying? More evidence will be needed for this. Msg me when, you're next online my in game name is jojowildson. Hope this Helps :D
    8. J

      name change

      It can be done. Your username is now PaddyII. Hope this Helps :D
    9. J

      what to do if not unbanned after unban was accepted?

      Here is an unban application: https://aspiriamc.com/threads/unban-application-read-before-posting.3707/ Follow every question, and answer to the best of your ability @Voltank1
    10. J

      Heyo, Dyal_Tyme Here!

      Fair enough. I hope you enjoy your time on Aspiria! Msg me if you need anything, my in game name is jojowildson.
    11. J

      Heyo, Dyal_Tyme Here!

      Hello! Welcome, to the Aspiria forums, and Aspiria! I hope you have enjoyed your playtime so far, and have gotten settled. What made you pick Blue survival, over Red or Skyblock?
    12. J

      Lost my home

      I'm happy to hear, you found your home. I understand it can be very upsetting, but I'm glad we found a solution. I hope you continue to enjoy your time on Aspiria, and have a good day! Hope this Helps :D
    13. J

      Lost my home

      Hello! I'm sorry to hear this has happened to you. In order for you to arrive back at your claimed area, do /claimlist. Then either ask a player with /fly, to fly there for you. Or a moderator, to tp you to the exact cords. After this is completed make sure to do /sethome (name). This will avoid...
    14. J

      Solved Griefing

      Ok, sorry about your land. Good luck, and have a nice day!
    15. J

      Lost armor stand and Diamond armor after afk log out

      All good! You learn something new everyday.
    16. J

      Solved Griefing

      As I said earlier, I would recommend claiming your land. People will continue, to grief it time and time again if you do not claim it.
    17. J

      Lost armor stand and Diamond armor after afk log out

      If you are on red, and you believe the item was stolen, /co I on the affected area, and post a screenshot to either here, or discord quick reports. Hope this Helps :D
    18. J

      Solved Griefing

      @mjnoe70 I see where you are coming from, and I understand. However, I believe for this instance, it was necessary for a quick solution. That is why I posted my go to tutorial, about the proper way to report, and help the staff gather evidence of the issue at hand. Here is a guide made by one of...
    19. J


      Vert Nice!
    20. J

      Solved Griefing

      Hello! I'm sorry to hear this has happened to you. In order for these players to be punished for there heinous crimes, you will need to post more evidence. Screenshots of the affected area, will be necessary for a full on investigation. To inspect, things you believe may have been tampered with...