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    1. Fidelify

      Lord__AJ's palace!

      http://imgur.com/a/emstd Nice job.
    2. Fidelify

      The Arch

      i built something inside of an arch, k http://imgur.com/a/3sDAc
    3. Fidelify

      San_waffle's amazing mediveal build!

      "Wanna see my project" "Sure", this man blew my mind. Nothing else to say here, check out these pics tho. http://imgur.com/a/R7Ux3
    4. Fidelify

      Horse Racing Track

      I recently just built this and I can't handle shaders, LOL! :eek: Anyways, this is the Horse Racing Track I built and I decided to get shaders on my crappy PC, so yeah it wouldn't render the best... Imgur
    5. Fidelify


      Hello fellow players, Hello, I am 1decepticon previously known as fidelify, and I want to let you all know, I apologize for the way I have been acting on the server lately, I will try my best to become nicer and be very nice/pleasant towards the Oldtown community, I hope you take this message...
    6. Fidelify

      I wanted to show off my Observatory

      Here it is :3. Imgur Going to be adding more places around it, later.