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    1. smartz

      I'm back - Smartz_

      Hey, I'm Smartz. Recently cause of covid I've had nothing to do and wanted to jump back and play survival minecraft. I'm not in anyway a new member of this community as this was the first server I joined back when I was a kid and the place was called Old Town. I used to be staff on here and was...
    2. smartz


      Welcome! Hope to see you online and in discord some time!
    3. smartz

      please unban me only for bigunman to read and comment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I banned you. Saying I was "abusing" doesn't help. Jackswid, you aren't getting unbanned. You've spammed, hacked, and have already made 3 applications and all of them have been denied.
    4. smartz

      How did u get your custom title/s?

      That was an old rank. You can no longer get it the "dirty" title is something I know isn't in the game. If it is I need to see something about it. King and Paladin are also the same as Celebrity.
    5. smartz

      Optifine-Forge is broken?

      What operating system to you use?
    6. smartz

      Optifine-Forge is broken?

      I don't think the optifine version that is compatible with forge for 1.12 is OUT yet. However I do have working forge for 1.11 if you want me to send it to you.
    7. smartz

      Where did all the old players go?

      No, it may have been early 1.5. I don't have the best memory... Also no, I applied like 5 times as little 4th grade me and that wasn't a good idea looking back on it.
    8. smartz

      Where did all the old players go?

      I have been playing since 1.4 (I think it was a long time ago) under the name of smartson. I quit around 1.8 due to my PvP high. I have been pvping since 1.8 and then came back and I am actually familiar with the staff because I played with them when I was around.
    9. smartz

      Player Warps

      Hello! I was reminiscing over the old days of Old Town and someone brought up player warps. If you don't know what a player warp is it's a warp that a player sets up personally so you can teleport to that location. An example of this would be if I had a villager trading hall that I wanted...
    10. smartz

      I Hope My DDoss Works This Server Needs to burn

      Locked this thread is becoming a flame war. Also Goddz, I hope you realize you just secured yourself a serious ban and you will never be unbanned from this server due to DDOS threats. Jackswid, you are yelling at us because you are banned. We have proof of your ban and we can pull a ton of it...
    11. smartz

      I Hope My DDoss Works This Server Needs to burn

      When you get roasted so hard it hurts to type up a response.
    12. smartz

      Ncore i can not use the unban application

      It's a temp ban.
    13. smartz

      Unban Application

      Locked post an ACTUAL unban application.
    14. smartz

      Smartz Pics Of Robbery

      But that doesn't show that he killed you. How do I know that's his armor?
    15. smartz

      Smartz Pics Of Robbery

      It doesn't show physical proof that he killed you...
    16. smartz

      Claiming - For new players (or those who don't know)

      Love this dude, I even pinned this on discord for any new players.
    17. smartz

      Fishing Farm

      Yeah, it's legal as long as you don't afk the farm.
    18. smartz


      You're fine Kat! Welcome to the community!
    19. smartz

      aspiria aint working atm

      I've notified all the higher ups.
    20. smartz

      Hi ^_^