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    1. AlphabetJack

      Holidays Contest

      Hey everyone ! Comment one item that's on your Christmas List! So I came up with this idea similar but different to another forum. I am holding the Bottom of the Calander Holiday building contest! This means that on the special plot of land that I have made, Everyone is invited to build a...
    2. AlphabetJack

      hi its Jack

      If you were wondering.. I'm sorry for being inactive BUT I had a death in the family lets only go that far... PLUS+ I've been working on breaking the school track record PLUS+ I've been working on studying for my high school exams which pretty much decide my future @nd I'm not mod anymore BUT I...
    3. AlphabetJack

      Opinions! Opinions! Opinions!

      Hey everyone! I thought it would be cool to make an opinion page to share your feelings and opinions on. You can post whatever, like "Old Town is Beuatimus" and you can agree with other people by rating their post(agree, winner,etc.) or you can just quote it and say it's a good opinion! My only...
    4. AlphabetJack

      Bak Town Grief

      Hey fam, if you live in bak town please read, if not consider joining at /warp exit37(owned by: Chickensaysbak) I recently was named the grief checker/ preventer and am working with "Taco security" to make this town the safest town possible. My office is next to .Hay's, if you follow the blue...
    5. AlphabetJack

      100th post!

      Holy jackrabbit! This is my 100th post!! Hehe Thanks everyone and if anyone needs help on the website/forums(website and forums are bæ <3) or the server(server is bæ <3) I'd be glad to help!!!
    6. AlphabetJack

      Ranks under names

      hey everyone, I just wanted to know why it doesn't say titan under active member, and for example, under @TransparentFate 's name it says God and moderator. Not a big deal, but thanks.
    7. AlphabetJack

      Slogan contest

      hello, Jack bringing you another daily contest. (Did not copy that...) Anyway, I was thinking, what if we had a slogan contest!?! Of course, the judges are all staff, and of course bigy has the ultimate say. So let's just have some fun and be creative! Rules/Requirements: Cannot be over 2...
    8. AlphabetJack

      Jails and Banks

      So, Chickensaysbak and I were thinking today... What if we had jails! and banks! The reason to have a jail is to give a player one last chance before they are banned. Moderators can sentence them there for as long as they want or as long as they feel is needed for punishment. This gives the...
    9. AlphabetJack

      The Livin Poem

      Livin, you are probably livin the mc life, You are a new mod, and the server your wife You were nice from the start And you have a big heart You help people out So without a doubt I now assume, You are good at Rubix cubes! You are now one step away for being mod Just keep going through these...
    10. AlphabetJack

      The Fox Poem

      Fox you rock You go to Japan lots You must like sushi I must guess Because if I was given sushi, until I ate it all, I wouldn't rest There is a more important topic than Japan however It's that we now know OT can run forever! And It's interesting to know That this server can grow By using...
    11. AlphabetJack

      The Chicken Poem

      Chicken started out as rltj Chickensaysbak, is what he's known as today. He helps everyone with their certain needs Chicken is a true leader, because he leads He is a trial mod now, and that's a fact And so far, he's done a pretty good job keeping the server's people in tact But that's not...
    12. AlphabetJack

      The Shawn Poem

      Shawn is cool He makes me look like a fool His name is spelled differently He basks in glory throughout mc He is becoming mod on Friday congratulations Is what I'll now say Some say he's a chicken, some a sheep But all I know is that he's made a big leap From newcomer, to trial mod, to mod...
    13. AlphabetJack

      The Fate Poem

      Fate is great, He stays up late Helping the people of OT Now you see, Fate is key to this servers success Fate never rests. Fate makes sure there is peace, love, and tranquility, Gee, fate is one of the best in his position as you see. When Fate helps he doesn't charge a fee, The server...
    14. AlphabetJack

      The BiG Poem

      In dedication to our most hard-working owner, bigy Yes I'm big, the owner indeed I own Old Town, the land and the sea Now here are some things that you probably already know about me I talk in yellow chat Usually, I don't wear hats I run the server day and night I break up and solve my...
    15. AlphabetJack

      The Staff Poem

      I'm just a little minecrafter named SHAWN. Every now and then, I think of giving up. I'm the gingerbread man, my conscience, the FOX, keeps on chasing me. I try not to WAIL for God's mercy, even though I have a secret FATE in him, for I don't want to reveal myself as a CHICKEN, for instead, a...