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    1. smartz

      I'm back - Smartz_

      Hey, I'm Smartz. Recently cause of covid I've had nothing to do and wanted to jump back and play survival minecraft. I'm not in anyway a new member of this community as this was the first server I joined back when I was a kid and the place was called Old Town. I used to be staff on here and was...
    2. smartz

      Player Warps

      Hello! I was reminiscing over the old days of Old Town and someone brought up player warps. If you don't know what a player warp is it's a warp that a player sets up personally so you can teleport to that location. An example of this would be if I had a villager trading hall that I wanted...
    3. smartz


      Hey guys a few of you know me not to many. I am leaving Old Town for good. This is where I started minecraft and this is where it ends. I am quitting minecraft. You heard it. I have been inactive for a while showing up from time to time but this is where my path ends. I have found minecraft...
    4. smartz


      I am back after about 2-4 months of not being active or coming online I have finally returned. I have taken the time to learn more about myself and discover new paths I am being more mature and the childish me is gone I am a new man and I hope to have fun with everyone like I used to!