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    Formerly known as fidelify
    Hello fellow players,
    Hello, I am 1decepticon previously known as fidelify, and I want to let you all know, I apologize for the way I have been acting on the server lately, I will try my best to become nicer and be very nice/pleasant towards the Oldtown community, I hope you take this message into consideration and recognize that I am actually trying to be a nicer person.

    Thank you,
    Sincerely 1decepticon.
    Hi fide, I've had some troubles with you in the past. I think I could give you another chance and I think everyone else of oldtown will too. I also accept your apology. I hope you can work towards being nicer and overall positive to all of us. :)


    ive never personally had issues but shucks i reckon i could be a little nicer myself if youre willing to change then i think anyone on the server is willing to let you we will all be there for you