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    Hello everyone!

    This is just a post to say just how awesome it is to play on Aspiria. First off, a lot of people will complain about the lag and such, but for how many players are online, in multiple dimensions, at the same time, the server WILL chug at some points. Its minor lag anyway, it happens on almost every major server (played since beta, can confirm its true).

    Second, the player base for the most part are always willing to assist new players in anyway. Minus the players who just ASK for free money or blocks for no reason. Give us a reason and surely someone will be more than happy to help you out :).

    Third, the staff on Aspiria are active as can be. You can come on at 90% of the day and see a staff member, and even a lot of times some will be in vanish. Why are they in vanish you may ask? Because if you wanted to break a rule and saw a mod on, you wouldnt, but if that staff is checking up on players they can catch a person before anything severe occurs. Another point to say is that in the last, people have accused staff of invading privacy by reading the private messages. Sorry folks but its part of their job, tied into the previous statement.

    Finally, everyone here is awesome to player with! You make friends so quickly and without the hassle of a HUGE HUGE server where every piece of land is crowded. There is so much to do and people to meet!