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    Hello! This is our frequently asked questions masterlist! Please PM the manager (on here or on discord, Zoe#1000) if you have any suggestions for additions.

    Skyblock FAQ are at the bottom of this post.

    "What is the difference between Red and Blue?"

    Red - 6x6x6 chunk farm limits and has /pshop. World size 30kx30k. Reset September 2019.
    Blue - 3x3x3 chunk farm limits. World size 40kx40k. Reset June 2019.

    "I need help!"
    Need some command help? Type /help !
    If you need mod help, ask in chat if there is a mod. If not, wait until there is one, or join our discord (click HERE) to get staff help quicker (#questions-and-reports, or #support).

    "What are the rules?"
    Please refer to this LINK.

    "What are the farm limits? Can I build _____ (flying machines, guardian farm, etc)?"
    Farm limits and other limitations are listed in the rules posts HERE.

    "What is the world size?"
    RED: 30kx30k - 15,000 blocks each way
    BLUE: 40k x 40k - 20,000 blocks each way
    SKYBLOCK ISLANDS: Beginner islands are 75x75. You can upgrade to 175 in-game or purchase a 300x300 or 500x500 upgrade on our store HERE.

    "How do I make money?"
    There are multiple ways! You can sell on our /shop, to other players in chat, or hire yourself out for jobs for money (ask or watch in chat to see who is hiring). Skyblock has /ah, and Red has /pshop.

    "How do I pay another player?"
    Use /pay username amount. You will have to click a confirmation in chat to send the money over.

    "How do I sell items in the server shop? "
    Middle-click your mouse button when in the /shop GUI and find the item you want to sell.,
    If you are supporter+, you can use /sell all.

    "How come my mobs despawn?"
    On Red and Blue, the max amount of mobs per 16-block radius is 10. Note that this does not mean chunks. Nametag your favorite mobs to make sure they don't despawn!
    On Skyblock, mobs stack.

    "How many homes can I have?"
    Unranked players only have one home, set with /sethome and teleported to with /home. You could also sleep in a bed and have a respawn location.
    You can obtain /homes by purchasing a rank HERE. Amounts vary from 3 set homes, to unlimited!
    Skyblock's home command is /is home.

    "How do I teleport to another user?"
    Do /tpa username to send a teleportation request to another player.
    Using /tp instead of /tpa will not work.

    "How do I get to the wild?"
    On Red and Blue, type /wild or /rtp, or go through the portal at /spawn.

    "What are coins, and how do I get them?"
    Coins are a special currency spent in the /coin shop for items.
    Coins are earned for gameplay on the server. Amounts vary.
    Red and blue - you can earn 1, 2, or 3 coins for each hour of gameplay, or by completing quests with /quest
    Skyblock - you earn 5 coins every 15 minutes.

    "How can I give other players my coins?"
    Coins are not transferrable.
    You can, however, purchase coin shop items and give them to other players.

    "What is unarmed/herbalism/mining/excavation?"
    This is part of the mcmmo plugin! Leveling up these skills can give you different rewards. You can find more information on mcmmo HERE. Red, Blue, and Factions has mcmmo. Skyblock does not.
    Unarmed is punching mobs without a weapon or item in hand.
    Herbalism is harvesting plants.
    Mining is mining, and excavation is digging dirt!

    "Is there pvp?"
    On Red, Blue, and Skyblock, only at /warp pvp! If someone kills you out of /warp pvp, such as with a lava bucket, report them to a mod.

    "Is keep inventory on?"
    The worlds for Red and Blue do not have keep inventory on. Skyblock islands have keep inventory on.
    Keep inventory is enabled in /warp pvp for Red and Blue, but not in /warp pvp for Skyblock or Factions.

    "What’s the world seed?"
    Sorry, but we don’t give that out.

    "Can I have admin/creative?"

    "Where do I apply for a moderator position?"
    Read the link HERE.

    "How do you sell items on /pshop?"
    Do /pshop sell [quantity] [price] . This is only on the RED server.

    "How do I level up?"
    Type /level !

    "Anyone got an xp grinder?"
    Check out the /pws for some player warps with public grinders! This is for Red and Blue.

    "How do I add friends?"
    Type /friends for a list of commands! Add friends with /friend add username

    "How do I send mail?"
    Use /mail send username message

    /back - teleport back to your previous location (if you die do /back! Unless you suffocated or fell into lava.)
    /hub - Connect to the main Aspiria Hub

    /msg <player> - a personal or direct messaging system command
    /tpa <player> - request to teleport to a player
    /ignore <player> - Block public or /msg messages from a player (note; this does not block /tpa requests or /party messages)
    /unignore <player>

    /pws - opening a full list of available Player Warps
    /settings - toggle OFF/ON a Player's scoreboard (the box on the right side, which shows money, coins etc)
    /baltop - Displaying a list of top Player's Money Balance in server
    /coin top - Displaying a list of top Player's Coin Balance in server
    /bal - Displaying Player's Available Money Balance
    /level or /l - Displaying a menu for level up requirement

    /shop - open the main shop GUI to access coin shop, server shop, and head shop.
    /shopgui - open the server shop (saves a click from just /shop)
    /pshop - player shops (Red server only)

    /sell hand - selling stuff that currently on hand
    /coin shop - opening menu for Coin Shop
    /sell handall - selling all of the items in your inventory that match the item in your hand (command for Supporters+ rank)
    /sell all - sell all eligible items in your inventory (command for Supporters+ rank)

    /claim - claim an area by default of 10x10 blocks.
    /claimgui - open claim configuration menu
    /subdivideclaim - create a subdivision within an existing claim with seperate trustlist

    /bp <number> - open your backpack
    /ec - Command to opening an Ender Chest inventory (command for God+ rank)
    /wb or /craft - Opening a virtual workbench or crafting table (command for Legend+ rank)

    /party - opening series of command for Party Chat (party info, party share xp, etc)
    /p <message> - send a message to your party

    /claimgui - opening claim configuration menu
    /claim -claim an area by default of 10x10 block
    /subdivision - creating a claim subdivision inside existing claim
    /claimflags - opening menu for claim settings (mob spawning, pet damage and ender pearls use inside claims)

    /mctop - Displaying a list of top players in MCMMO Power Level
    /mcrank - Displaying a list of player's ranking in overall MCMMO skills

    "How do I begin?"

    Create an island with /is create. You should also make a cobble gen. If you are new to skyblock, this gamemode is all about grinding.

    "How do I make money?"
    Start out with a simple cobblestone generator. This will produce both cobblestone and ores that you can sell for money. You can also use mob grinders or profit shops (check ‘/is warps’ - the sign usually says they offer these). You can level up your generator with /is upgrade.

    "How do I expand or upgrade my island?"
    Type ‘/is upgrade’ to open up the upgrade panel for your island and your cobblestone generator.

    "What if I make obsidian?"
    Right-click it with an empty bucket to turn it back into lava.

    "How do I do quests?"
    First, start the quest by typing /quest (click on it so it glows), then get the item you think answers the riddle (nightmare) or fulfills the request and throw it on the ground. When you pick it back up, the quest will complete. (Warning: The item(s) will be lost!)

    "What happens when I die?"
    Your island level goes down 1 per death (up to 10 deaths). Keep inventory is on, so you won’t lose anything. In PVP your items drop as normal unless protected by a Protection Gem from the coin shop.

    "Can I sell items to other players?"
    You can use /ah sell <price> <amount> while holding an item to sell that many of that item for that price (total, not per item!). It goes up on the public auction house at ‘/ah’ that everyone can see.

    "Can I invite someone to my island?"
    You can type /is invite <name> to permanently offer a place on your island to another player (4 people max).

    "How do I trust someone temporarily?"
    This is called cooping! You can type /is coop <name> to allow someone to temporarily build and break on your island - remember to uncoop with /is uncoop <name> afterward! Coops last until the person logs out.

    "What is the goal of Skyblock?"
    Skyblock doesn’t come with a premade ‘goal’ like vanilla Minecraft - it’s up to you to make your own. Most players opt to make a lot of money, build a pretty island, or get their island score really high. Ultimately the motivation to do something will have to come from you, not the game.

    "How do I get spawners?"
    You can get them from /coin shop - but they are fairly expensive for starting players.

    "Do mobs spawn on the islands?"
    Yes, mob spawning is vanilla standard rules (dark area at least 24 blocks away from the player)

    "What does the island level do?"
    Level up your island with /is level.
    Two early levels give access to chest shops and a welcome sign (level 12) that you can place to make your island public. After a certain point, not much else aside from bragging rights.
    Level up your island by placing down blocks. Each block has a different value you can see with /is value while holding it. Levels are 100 points each.

    "How do I create chest shops?"
    To make a chest shop: Hold the item you want to sell in your hand, and hold sneak while left clicking a chest. Then bring up chat and type how much you want to sell one of that item for, then fill the chest. You can also look at the chest holding the item then type /qs create <price>

    "How do I buy from a chest shop?"
    Punch the sign then open up chat and type how many you want to buy.

    "How do I make a welcome sign?"
    Place a sign down and type ‘[WELCOME]’ as the first line. The rest of the sign can say whatever you want.
    People can warp directly to the sign with /is warp <username>, whether or not you’re online.

    /is help - shows a list of island commands you can use
    /is go - return to your island spawn point
    /is value (while holding a block) - tells you the value of that block in points
    /is level - recalculate your island level
    /ah help - a list of the auction house commands
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