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    Purple is brand new. Please allow us time to expand this thread as we receive questions.​

    Purple is our newest survival server. THIS IS NOT A BETA TEST! Purple will not reset soon after launch, unless there is a major issue. (Unlike Gold, which is a beta test).
    Purple is meant to combine the Red and Blue survival servers into one server. There are a few differences to Red and Blue, which we will list below. Purple is designed to be an economy survival server, with /shop, chest shops, homes, etc. Plus the full rank perks you love and are familiar with. However, there's a few changes we have made to Purple, that are different than Red and Blue.

    Red and Blue will remain online for 30 days after Purple's launch. It will keep all plugins EXCEPT for prism, our staff inspector tool. This will allow you time to complete projects, and gather screenshots and memories. If you have a submission you want peachysnail to look at for a memory book of Red and Blue, please DM her at Zoe#1000 on discord with your IGN, coordinates, and credit for the build.

    If you've supported us by purchasing items and ranks, you are probably wondering about this. Here is a list of what will and will not transfer over to Purple.

    • Ranks (by default, your rank transfers to every server).
    • Tags (these are a global permission).
    • Votes
    • The spawner crate permission. Existing spawners or crates will not transfer. (You will have to open a ticket to get this permission transferred. There are 2 spawner crate levels for purple, so this is the maximum that can transfer. Ex: 1 on red and 1 on blue = 2 on purple).
    • Money
    • Builds
    • Claim Blocks
    • Existing crates in-game
    • Coins
    • Levels
    • Any item such as minions, trench picks, pillar wands, spawner crowbars
    • Player Warps
    • Biome Changers

    CHANGES TO PURPLE (compared to Red and Blue)


    • PURCHASES ARE NOW MADE VIA THE CREDITS CURRENCY. You can purchase credits in our store, and cash them out in-game for a variety of items. /credits
    • Unclaimed lands may be looted. Claiming, and logging in to keep claims, is extremely important. If your claim expires, users may loot your claim. We still protect you against theft situations in claimed land. A staff member no longer has to come verify if you may loot claims. Claims now expire after 75 days.
    • Levels have been reworked for levels 51-75. More levels will be released in the future.
    • KOTH has been added. KOTH runs every 9 hours. King of the Hill is a game mode designed for players to compete to control a spot for a reward.
    • Added crates: ADVANCED and LEGENDARY crate keys are obtained by voting, or through KOTH.
    • Purple currently loads with a server texture pack. We are releasing custom furniture and hats in the future. This texture pack also gives our GUIs cool buttons. To turn this on/off, adjust your server settings in your server list. I recommend having this on automatic.
    • Added a Battlepass.
    • Donor Shop was reworked; prices were changed, and we added the classic Carbon Fiber Bow.
    • Treasure hunts run every 30 minutes. These are randomly spawning chests containing loot.
    • There is now two types of vote parties; one, triggered by when we hit 200 votes, and the normal vote party purchased. Check the 200-vote party status with /vp.
    • There are scheduled Job XP Boosts on particular days.
    • Coin Shop special tools (like spawner crowbar) have been moved into rotating items. A rotating item slot was removed.
    • Added Admin head shop - explore /spawn to find it!
    • Added custom greetings; /setgreeting
    • Cactus farms have been nerfed. Vindicator and Evoker spawners have been removed from circulation.
    • Farm size has been changed to 3x3x3 chunks.
    • Removed /baltop.
    • 25 Chest Shop unlocks per rank level. (ex: Supporter gets 25, Ultimate gets 150).
    • Default rank has 1 home unlocked. You can unlock a maximum of 10 additional homes, on top of your home unlock with rank. (ex: Legend gets 6 homes, and can unlock 10 more, for a total of 16).
    • You can now unlock player pinging (type someone's name in chat with an @ and they will be pinged).

    SIMILARITIES to Red and Blue
    • /shop
    • /warp pvp
    • /pshop
    • /pws
    • claiming (though griefing rules have been altered)
    • Rank perks remain the same
    • /jobs (though slightly changed)
    • OP crates and items, reinforced items, treasure chests, spawner crates, chaos crates, cosmetic (tag) crates


    "Will Purple reset like Gold will?"
    THIS IS NOT A BETA TEST! Purple will not reset soon after launch, unless there is a major issue. (Unlike Gold, which was/is a beta test).

    "What is a BATTLEPASS? How does it differ from Aspiria Plus?"
    Our battlepass is like a subscription service. If you purchase the battle pass, as you play on our server, you will be rewarded with claim blocks, coins, crates, and credits. It does not give you perks, like /sit or /enchant, like plus does. Battlepass rewards remain after the battlepass expires. The battle pass lasts for

    "What version is Purple?"
    Purple is currently Minecraft 1.16, but we support the connection of 1.17 clients.

    "When do claims expire?"
    They expire after 75 days. Remember, claiming rules have changed; unclaimed land can be looted.

    "How do I set my custom greeting?"

    "Do I need the Aspiria texture pack?"
    Aspiria Purple has a custom texture pack. It downloads and checks for updates every time you join Purple. This allows you to see fancy GUI buttons. In addition, we are launching features in the future that will utilize this texture pack heavily.
    This texture pack is completely optional. It may be harder to run on Toaster PCs or maybe you simply aren't interested. You can disable and enable texture packs on your server edit menu (launch Minecraft > multiplayer > edit server (Aspiria) > texture pack disabled/enabled/prompt".

    "What is the Farm Size Limit? Can I build _____ (flying machines, guardian farm, etc)?"
    3x3x3 chunks. Farm limits and other limitations are listed in the rules posts HERE.

    "How do I make money?"
    • Sell blocks and items to /shop
    • /jobs
    • Work for other users (for example, building, clearing land, etc)
    • /pshop

    "I need help!"
    Need some command help? Type /help !
    If you need mod help, ask in chat if there is a mod. If not, wait until there is one, or join our discord (click HERE) to get staff help quicker (#questions-and-reports, or #support).

    "What are the rules?"
    Please refer to this LINK.

    "What is the world size?"
    PURPLE: ?

    "How do I pay another player?"
    Use /pay username amount. You will have to click a confirmation in chat to send the money over.

    "How do I sell items in the server shop? "
    Middle-click your mouse button when in the /shop GUI and find the item you want to sell.,
    If you are supporter+, you can use /sell all.

    "How come my mobs despawn?"
    On Purple, the max amount of mobs per 16-block radius is 10. Note that this does not mean chunks. Nametag your favorite mobs to make sure they don't despawn!

    "How many homes can I have?"
    Unranked players only have one home, set with /sethome and teleported to with /home. You could also sleep in a bed and have a respawn location. You can obtain /homes by purchasing a rank HERE. Amounts vary from 3 set homes, to unlimited! On Purple, you can unlock up to 10 additional homes in-game.

    "How do I teleport to another user?"
    Do /tpa username to send a teleportation request to another player.
    Using /tp instead of /tpa will not work.

    "How do I get to the wild?"
    Type /wild or /rtp, or go through the portal at /spawn.

    "What are coins, and how do I get them?"
    Coins are a special currency spent in the /coin shop for items.
    Coins are earned for gameplay on the server. Amounts vary.
    Red and blue - you can earn 1, 2, or 3 coins for each hour of gameplay, or by completing quests with /quest

    "How can I give other players my coins?"
    Coins are not transferrable.
    You can, however, purchase coin shop items and give them to other players.

    "What is unarmed/herbalism/mining/excavation?"
    This is part of the mcmmo plugin! Leveling up these skills can give you different rewards. You can find more information on mcmmo HERE. Purple has mcmmo. Skyblock does not.
    Unarmed is punching mobs without a weapon or item in hand.
    Herbalism is harvesting plants.
    Mining is mining, and excavation is digging dirt!

    "Is there pvp?"
    Only at /warp pvp! If someone kills you out of /warp pvp, such as with a lava bucket, report them to a mod.

    "Is keep inventory on?"
    Keep inventory is NOT on. Keep inventory is enabled in /warp pvp for Purple.

    "What’s the world seed?"
    Sorry, but we don’t give that out.

    "Can I have admin/creative?"

    "Where do I apply for a moderator position?"
    Read the link HERE.

    "How do you sell items on /pshop?"
    Do /pshop sell [quantity] [price] . This is only on the RED server.

    "How do I level up?"
    Type /level !

    "Anyone got an xp grinder?"
    Check out the /pws for some player warps with public grinders!

    "How do I add friends?"
    Type /friends for a list of commands! Add friends with /friend add username

    "How do I send mail?"
    Use /mail send username message


    /back - teleport back to your previous location (if you die do /back! Unless you suffocated or fell into lava.)
    /hub - Connect to the main Aspiria Hub

    /msg <player> - a personal or direct messaging system command
    /tpa <player> - request to teleport to a player
    /ignore <player> - Block public or /msg messages from a player (note; this does not block /tpa requests or /party messages)
    /unignore <player>

    /pws - opening a full list of available Player Warps
    /settings - toggle OFF/ON a Player's scoreboard (the box on the right side, which shows money, coins etc)
    /coin top - Displaying a list of top Player's Coin Balance in server
    /bal - Displaying Player's Available Money Balance
    /level or /l - Displaying a menu for level up requirement

    /shop - open the main shop GUI to access coin shop, server shop, and head shop.
    /shopgui - open the server shop (saves a click from just /shop)
    /pshop - player shops (Red server only)

    /sell hand - selling stuff that currently on hand
    /coin shop - opening menu for Coin Shop
    /sell handall - selling all of the items in your inventory that match the item in your hand (command for Supporters+ rank)
    /sell all - sell all eligible items in your inventory (command for Supporters+ rank)

    /claim - claim an area by default of 10x10 blocks.
    /claimgui - open claim configuration menu
    /subdivideclaim - create a subdivision within an existing claim with seperate trustlist

    /bp <number> - open your backpack
    /ec - Command to opening an Ender Chest inventory (command for God+ rank)
    /wb or /craft - Opening a virtual workbench or crafting table (command for Legend+ rank)

    /party - opening series of command for Party Chat (party info, party share xp, etc)
    /p <message> - send a message to your party

    /claimgui - opening claim configuration menu
    /claim -claim an area by default of 10x10 block
    /subdivision - creating a claim subdivision inside existing claim
    /claimflags - opening menu for claim settings (mob spawning, pet damage and ender pearls use inside claims)

    /mcrank - Displaying a list of player's ranking in overall MCMMO skills
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