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  • Balancing Update - Spawn, Leveling, Store & More


    It's been way too long since our last update. Since then, we've worked on fixing up the server for the past months, and are finally satisfied. We are going to begin shifting our focuses towards more improvements and growing our server's player base, I hope you guys are all on board, and continue to enjoy our server! :)

    Completed Features
    • Leveling 1-11 fully operation
    • Return of minigames: OITC, SkyWars, Murder, Mob Arena (this month)
    • Return of a good spawn
    • Improvements to claiming system
    • Anti-Cheat vastly improved
    • Player Shops introduced /playershops (or /shop)
    • Bow trails for titans have been added /arrow
    • Creation of custom banners for supporters added /bannermaker
    • Horses now teleport with players
    • The additional trail pack, are now called Auras, /aura
    • Donors will soon be able to access almost all their perks using /perks
    • Donor rank benefits can be seen ingame using /donor
    We're working on many more improvements, thanks for your guys' continued support!

    Check out our most recent server trailer:
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