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    MY BAN WAS FOR 3 DAYS AND GOES TO PERMANENT! I DONT USE LAVA FOR KILL ANYONE! I USED LAVA FOR KILL SKELETONS AND THEY DONT COME AT ME! I was Banned by Alex, and i don't know why... i've found a chest in a cave, without walls or claimed areas. And detroyed a spawner from a natural dungeon too and Alexx dont like it. I cant destroy the spawners? My time playing is 1 week and i am playing and voting everyday! It will be just 3 days right? You cant unban me? I know i didnt read the rules precisely. But i didnt grief! And i didnt leave lava to kill someone! I didnt even know if someone was there before disconnecting or going somewhere else. I just used the lava for kill some skeletons trying to kill me.
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