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  • Best looking shader + resourcepack

    Hi, I'm kinda new here but played MC 8+ years ago a lot. Any tips for really good looking shader + resource packs? Preferrably some that are free, but if they cost a little it's okay. It has to work with 1.14.4.

    Right now I am using Seus v. 11 + Omnijar 512 with Optifine. My computer can handle a bit more since I got 100 - 120 FPS and I'm okay playing at 60.

    One thing I don't like is that my resourcepack doesn't have exactly all blocks, so a few ones are vanilla. Also there doesn't seem to be any parrallax going on for me.


    Heyo, I have a really cool shaders, probably available for 1.14.4 too (I'm using 1.14.3).
    The name of the Shaders Pack is: Sildurs Vibrant Shaders v1.22 Lite.
    I hope you like it :)