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  • Ended Book Contest! - Concluded

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    Hello, bakpak here bringing you a contest!
    You will write a nice story on a book and quill in the server. Whichever contestant writes the best book, wins!

    - No fact book/how to, must be story based.
    - At least 5 pages long
    - Don't write a story that's already been written.
    * An Invalid book will be marked in red
    If the winner is...
    -[R] they will get [Supporter]
    -[Supporter]-[Celebrity] they will get an upgrade to the next rank
    -[God] and up, they will get another item that costs 10$ from the donation store.

    May the odds be ever in your favor!

    Contestants (20) ( GOAL is 2o)

    - AdaptedDolphin [Submitted book]
    - TabbyCatt26 [Submitted book]
    - Trackjack [Submitted book]
    - StridentBoss [Submitted book]
    - Glassextiel [Submitted book]
    - RAMBORAINBOWxx [Submitted book]
    - ThePatriotKing [Submitted Book]
    - Sheeprulz [Submitted Book]
    - DONTGET [Submitted Book]
    - ape_commander [Submitted Book]
    - SixPackSuperMan [Submitted Book]
    - YammaSaysQuack [Submitted Book]

    -daviddlt [Submitted Book]
    -DrummerZack [Submitted Book]
    -HOTSHOTS2113 [Sumitted Book]


    -Rainskull [Submitted Book]

    Top 3 books
    [Winner]Skeleton Curse - @TabbyCatt26
    The Stranger - @AdaptedDolphin
    Wilbert's Story! - @ape_commander
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    when have i been on the forums last? i dunno but i missed you all! ^w^
    [DOUBLEPOST=1435815695][/DOUBLEPOST]thyn book shall not be removed for thy book has winner on its cover (translation:the book is good)
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