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  • Claiming - For new players (or those who don't know)

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    Simple way - Stand in the middle of what you would like to claim and type - /claim radius [NUMBER]
    The [NUMBER] has to be over 10 or over and the larger the number, the more land that will be claimed around you.

    Alternate - Firstly mark out the corners of the land you want to claim. Type /claim and grab the golden hoe. Then left click one corner of the claim, then the next corner opposite should be right clicked. Once you are happy type /claim claim to finish completing claiming.

    Useful stuff - Stand in your claim and type /dist for options. click the bottle for options.

    - To add friends, click the green wool and click the appropriate skulls/ whatever there is.
    Read the menu to get an idea of how to use it.

    You must have enough claim blocks to claim. when you type /dist on the top left hand corner you will see a skull. When you hover your mouse over you will see the amount of claim blocks and click for more options. ALWAYS READ THE OPTIONS AND MENU.


    When in-game do /trustlist to see who's trusted in your claim. Then do /untrust (Player's name) to remove their trusts from the claim. Hope this helps. Message me if you have my problems. My in-game name is jojowildson. Have a good day!

    Not open for further replies.