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    This is my introduction to the community of Aspiria. I am playing on the 'Blue Survival' server.

    I love martial arts, medieval themes, lame jokes & cashew nuts.
    Oh yes, cashews are the best. :D

    I used to play on Aspiria sometime around when it was first launched, under another username.
    I am certain that no player from that time is still here, except @BiGUNMAN.
    But this doesn't really matter, I guess, since the server is completely different now.

    I have built a tiny castle as my first home.

    After a few days abandoned I it to pursue greater projects.
    Its now surrounded by a bamboo forest & the land is unclaimed, if you find it, its yours to keep.
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    Hello Elodrai! Welcome to AspiriaMC! I hope you have enjoyed your time on the server so far, and will return. Feel free to message me anytime, my IGN is Chreia and my discord is #Chreia3298 on our server Discord. Feel free to message me anytime, and I'll respond as soon as possible.
    Have a wonderful day!