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  • Unsolved failed to log in


    Failed to connect to the server
    Failed to log in: Invalid session (try restarting your game and the launcher)​
    I restarted and still the same problem, any advice?



    New Member
    Restart your LAUNCHER. It's a common problem with Minecraft's Auth Session that's been the in game since 1.8 and most likely prior.

    If that doesn't work, make sure Minecraft isn't running when you're reopening the Launcher. You'll have to re-open the launcher, then re-launch Minecraft from the new instance.


    This can also happen if you are running more than one copy of the game and start them at different times. Also if you sign in at another location in to your account while the game is running at your original computer it will create this same issue as well. I do believe what was said by both above should work to assist with the issue you are having. I would expect a full computer restart to really assist for sure.