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  • Froggyburn and ImDaAsian Teaming

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    Happy Villager
    rly? teaming in survival games is allowed when the host says that it is and they don't need temp ban just because of that small little thing.
    I'm almost positive they've only ever played one round of Hunger/Survival Games (because I'm friends with em'! heh). We were originally all gonna team for the fun of it but I decided not to since a few others in the current game were complaining about it, so I broke off from the group.

    Anyways sorry if we upset you during that game, it's just all in good fun, (and there isn't really anything against it.)


    Alicietta's Prince
    I am usually the host of survival games now and this isn't bannable. Teaming is allowed if the host says so. If not, then you wont receive the prize due to being disqualified (by me, if I'm host)
    [DOUBLEPOST=1467532190,1467532143][/DOUBLEPOST]But ImDaAsian has been banned for the killing thing so I'll label this as solved
    Not open for further replies.