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  • General Forum Etiquette

    Just a few thoughts to keep in mind when posting to the forums. I have seen some really old posts that have been recently responded to that really have no relevance today. I've seen many that are not civil in both posting as well as responses. So I thought I'd share some good general thoughts related to forum posting.

    1. Know the rules before you post.
    2. Be polite when posting for help or responding. Do not over punctuate or use all caps.
    3. Use a meaningful title and proper grammar in your post.
    4. Stay on topic for the thread.
    5. Do not bump/post old out of date threads.
    6. Do not include large files or in line images. Also try not to use hard to read font colors or sizes.
    7. No personal information, advertisements or posts that violate a copyright should be made.


    Thank you for posting these reminders, it's a good template for those, who are new to the forums or are unaware of what is acceptable or not acceptable. I will definitely, remember these when I post on the forums.