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  • Hello! I'm Bee...

    Or Kitten/Kitty which ever is fine !! My ign is Xenokitten :O

    I'm pretty new to minecraft and wanted to check out some servers > w < this one looked very fun and welcoming !

    I'd love to meet new friends to play with! ♥

    I'm a big Sci-fi and horror fan !! Transformers and Alien are my heart and soul and I'll always be up to talk about them ! I'm also an artist and enjoy drawing a lot!!


    Junior Mod
    Junior Mod
    Hello! Welcome to Aspiria! I hope you enjoy your time with Aspiria, and like the community. I myself enjoy both of those genera's as well. Feel free to message me in game, if you need anything me in game name is jojowildson. Have a good day!



    Sci-fi and Horror - Check

    Welcome to Aspiria and feel free to ask anything ya might need, I can show you a great recipe for pumpkin pie.
    Welcome to AspiririaMC! I believe this is a good one to start with. Good staff and many helpful players. Best of luck and glad to have you!