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  • Hello, I'm the new guy

    Hello, community of AspiriaMC.
    My name is ThunderDragon3. I have not yet been in this server, but it looks quite interesting. I hope that I have a good experience with this server. If someone could fill me in on this server, what its games are, modes, etc, thatd be great! I've got lots of ideas I could bring to the table, looking forward to bringing them in. See you around!


    Hi, there ThunderDragon3! Aspiria really is a wonderful place for chill survival type servers! We've got Red, Blue, and Skyblock! Red and Blue are similar (personally prefer blue). Aside from survival there's an economy for each server. I can't say much about red or skyblock, but im sure they're just as great as blue. I believe all three modes are no grief, steal, or raid. And there aren't any factions.

    I main blue, so if we're ever on at the same time, feel free to say hi! My IGN is Dyal_Tyme


    Junior Mod
    Junior Mod
    Hello ThunderDragon3! Welcome to Aspiria! Hope you reach all your goals and have fun. If you need anything feel free to message me in-game. My in-game name is jojowildson. Have a good day!

    Hey there ThunderDragon! I mostly play on blue, and if I ever see you I'll help you out by giving you a stack of logs and a bit of iron!
    My IGN is assassin979 hope to see you soon!



    welcome dud its pretty nice server you can talk about alot of stuff but ofcorse there are regulations to what you can talk about,i like talking about girls and stuffs.