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  • Hey, i'm Arcay(Q)!

    Well hey, i'm Matthias, ign ArcayQ (playing on Skyblock)

    Am 20 years young and am from Germany.

    What do i like to do in my free time?

    - Gaming (obviously)
    - I also play piano and badminton :D
    - Like to do a puzzle here and there
    - Watch good series (yes, also Anime)
    - And the all-time classic: Meeting friends (which is also worth mentioning because due to distance it's hard to meet up very often)

    Regarding my personality:

    I guess i'm normally friendly and a nice guy (sometimes i might even be a little dumb tbh) to everyone, but as we all know, there's
    always exceptions (sadly) ;).

    Got anymore questions? Or just wanna chat some?

    Sure, feel free to hit me up when i'm online.

    Bestest cutest greetings


    Junior Mod
    Junior Mod
    Hello ArcayQ! Welcome to Aspiria. I hope you have enjoyed your time on Aspiria, and welcome to the forums! My in-game name is Chreia, so feel free to message me anytime. Have a nice day, and continue to thrive!



    Junior Mod
    Junior Mod
    Quick question, what made Skyblock more attractive for you than Red or Blue survival? Have a nice day!

    Wow so many answers already Q.Q..

    Thank youuu :D, hope we have a nice time together ….and to answers Chreia's question: uhh, idk? :D