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    Formerly known as Queen_Of_Hearts4
    Hey Guys, I have made one of these posts before but I have changed since then and I would like to start from my beginning years of Minecraft. I started Minecraft a long time ago, I was a 10 year old girl trying to live life like some kind of normal... whatever that is. My brother(who has been known as POW, and is now DatBoi) Introduced me to Minecraft. I declined the idea several times before trying it out. He showed me this server, OldTown It was 1.8. A classy server I must admit! My brother showed me everything I soon lived in a small town near the ocean. It was nice, yes But something was missing. I didn't know at the time so I walked around only to see this guy named CrashSurvivor. He played on the server quite a bit so I saw him often. The game grew on me so I just kept playing. I met this Girl named Lapi. I am sure you old players know who she is. Lapi helped me a lot, she gave me money and a horse spawner or two. I loved her she and I became friends and since I had the horse spawner I saved it. I helped at my brothers local pub and finally had enough money to buy a house. This house was spectacular. awesome I must say. Soon I found out what was missing. A TRAMPOLINE! Yes, I made a giant nerve-racking trampoline and everyone loved it.... except Crash. He turned out to be kind of a jerk I guess. I made a horse stable and then of course he claimed it. I didn't like this very much so my brother and I moved. Then DopeTown was created, a place located near Cakeville. This town I made started from a small house I bought somewhere in the wild. I cleared away a HUGE Plot and started working on the fence. Soon DopeTown was formed. I was proud I had created something great. Lots of people started to join and I made a Cafe. Cafe Nervosa I called it. Nicest cafe in the whole server according to many people. Once I got the cafe going I made a restaurant. Fish and chips! Again, very proud. I even made menus. #fancyfakemeat. I made a new Trampoline and a bank. Dopetown grew and then I bought a rank! I mean sure, I was still a pretty big noob.. But hey pride overwhelmed me. I bought Celeb and started cruising down the streets. I found a snow biome and started to build a castle.. I made a friend that day, His name was Crazy. Crazy could fly which I thought was absolutely amazing at the time, and he offered to help! He made me a beautiful castle which sparked my interests a bit. I made a huge tall fence around the place and Funny made me a christmas tree I sorted out some things to make a banner shop and the whole place sparked up. Then of course 1.9 came along destroying my hopes and dreams the end. Just Kidding! I found an igloo and lived there for like a month XD I mean the place was fancy. a villager and a mine and stuff!! I found Crash on the new 1.9 server and he made a gesture, nice guy. I found another snow biome and got to work. about 3 months later I had made 3 Gigantic castles. and many more friends. I met Nina, and Magic, and Tabby and Oah and everyone. Then I met Isaiah, I call him Izzy* now. Izzy and I are great friends and we teamed up. he lives with me I live with him. He is a really great guy and we have talked about some crazy stuff. In fact we have a 50 page book full of random crap. and that's where I am now. I love you guys so much!

    This is my minecraft Life. If you would like a story of my personal life just ask!